Should practitioners of the Indian caste system face harsher punishments for discrimination?

  • Practioners Indian Caste System

    I personally think that practitioners of the Indian caste system face was a harsher punishments for discrimination due to what had happened in the past with discrimination. I personally think that practitioners of the Indian caste system face harsher punishments because of their beliefs as well as how they lived.

  • Practitioners of the Indian Caste System Should Not Face Harsher Punishments for Descriminitation

    Justice should be equal for all people, regardless of their personal beliefs or backgrounds. While discrimination based off of social caste is distasteful and should be punished, it does not merit tougher punishment than discrimination for other reasons. For example, discrimination because of sexism should not be diminished because discrimination based off of social castes is seen as more heinous. To do so would itself be discriminatory towards other forms of discrimination.

  • No, not at all.

    If someone is discriminating against another person, they should be punished all the same no matter who they are. Discrimination is discrimination no matter what ideology or group you belong to. The logic really starts to break down when people are punished differently for the same offenses. It's confusing and inconsistent.

  • No, practitioners should face the same punishments as others.

    You can't give someone a harsher punishment just because of their belief system. That's exactly what this is, its related to stereotypes such as the issue with Islam and Christianity. Its one thing to punish people for their beliefs,but you can't punish them more, just because they have different belief systems.

  • Justice for all

    No, I do not think that they should face a stricter punishment than anyone else. Everyone in this country should get judged the same way, so that all of the citizens are treated fair and equal. That is the best way to run a legal system, so that no one is jealous.

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