Should prayer and bible reading be admitted back in schools?

  • Of course it should

    This nation was founded on Biblical beliefs, and education would greatly benefit from it. It's not fair that education has been grounded on the beliefs of the non-religious and is throwing the religious to the side. If you're allowed to learn about evolution in school, then reading the Bible shouldn't be a problem.

  • Righteousness is the goal that keeps our nation running.

    Without Judeo-Christian values, there is no morality. A nation ONLY benefits if there's Judeo-Christian values. Prayer is not a way of promoting religion, it's a way of preserving our nation's culture and heritage. To remove these values would undo what the Founding Fathers brought. Judo-Christian values are values that states you have freedom. In the Declaration of Independence, it states God gives the human rights, not government, because all around the world there are governments that oppress their people. Judo-Christian values preserve freedom and prevents tyranny.

    America allowed the murder of innocent unborn children, which as fact are human BEINGS. But the judicial system doesn't recognize their right to live.

  • Yes it should.

    Cons argument consists of freedom of religion, bias, knowledge, and constitutionalism.
    Freedom: Yes. We SHOULD have freedom of religion in all public places. That INCLUDES places of learning. If you are limiting where one can express their religion then you are limiting this freedom.
    Bias: bias against who? The Muslim who is completely allowed to where a hijab when the average person can't even wear a hat? The Buddhist who can sit where he pleases despite most teachers having regulations for student to have assigned seats? Or the Christian who isn't even allowed to read his bible in school? People being allowed to express religion in schools is not biased if it is the individuals who are doing so and not the school.
    Knowledge: evolution, global warming, quantum, string, etc are all subjects that cannot be tested. As such they are not conclusive with the scientific method and are not science. They have some basis in reality but all else is theoretical. The same case could easily be made for religion, especially when you take into account that psychologically is mostly theoretical and based on belief but is still taught in schools and is a valuable subject. The mere act of someone praying does not in any way degrade the school system.
    Constitutionalism: apparently some people don't recognize why our ancestry came to the colonies in the first place. Freedom of speech, press, assembly, and religion/religious practice are all granted to us as unalienable rights. As such the mere act of limiting where one can worship (such as a school) is in itself unconstitutional.

  • Of course it should

    This nation was founded on Biblical beliefs, and education would greatly benefit from it. It's not fair that education has been grounded on the beliefs of the non-religious and is throwing the religious to the side. If you're allowed to learn about evolution in school, then reading the Bible shouldn't be a problem.

  • Schools should not have bias:

    It isn't so much the reverence of religion or religious choice as it is the danger that comes with bias itself. A person's bias, a teacher's bias, and really the bias of an entire system can create a crumbling domino effect where each domino grows weaker and weaker until they turn to dust; the dust is the children who are simply mislead to believe that they are due to this and this must be a part of life and if it is not then their lives are incomplete.

  • Opinion, intellect, and life

    Religion is not to ne infused with public schools... It turns us all into extremists... I never have belived that you will ascend to the clouds at the end of your life. To me, life is a single-shot deal, at a point. I would mucn rather go out and do somethinf that the religious consider wrong, because if I did all my actions right, I would be just another person who asxends to the clouds. Religion may even mess up your mind, as if everyone in the USA is religious, we would all die from praying for a cure for whatever we have. Those that ignore prayers and go DO something are the survivors. Religion is only there for people to not get bored. I can imagine a crazy bored person in anchient times telling others lies... Like if you are good, then... ..You get favored or something.

  • No it should not.

    In the world we still have many people differentiated in terms of their religion, caste and creed sorts of domestic walls. The people being independent for more than 65 years have yet not been able to break the narrow local walls which still prevent people from uniting, so if only the religious books of some religions is introduced in schools it somewhere might be called discrimination. So atleast until the people are united completely with no religion sorts of differences prayers and bibles should not be admitted back in schools.

  • Freedom of religion?

    Religion should never be forced upon anyone, especially not in a country like the USA, where many kinds of cultures live together with their own, different kinds of religions. Many people in the USA choose to be non-Christian or irreligious, thanks to freedom of religion, which is a right for all US citizens.

  • Religion is a private matter.

    There is no need to have any organized praying in school. Kids can still pray if they want, but school should not be biased towards one specific religion, and school should also be open to secular students. Bible reading can be part of religion class, but it should be presented in an objective and unbiased manner.

  • O hell no

    Why would this be, some students don't even believe in the bible. You shouldn't force people to pray and listen to some bible nonsense. No one benefits from this action, There will be conflicts and people not sending their child to school. Come on were in the modern world religion is not as strong anymore.

  • It would completely unconstitutional

    The First Amendment of the United States Constitution explicitly denies government to establish a state religion. Public schools, given that they are funded by the government, should be considered state organizations. Therefore, the introduction of prayer and bible readings in public schools would be tantamount to government establishing a religion which would be in direct violation of the First Amendment.

  • We can't tell children what to believe.

    When Christianity is encouraged in schools, it strongly conditions children to follow that religion later in life - and schools of other religions, Islam for example, have the same effect on children. Instead of forcing children to be Christians or Muslims or any other religion, we have to teach them neutrally about each point of view - or at least give them the resources to find out themselves - so they can make their own decisions, away from the bias of forced bible reading and such.

  • It's unconstitutional and unbiblical.

    Isn't the idea of having a second amendment supposed to be to protect the other ones?Like say for example, the first one that blatantly states that the government should not enforce policy that favors religion. It's simple; putting prayer back in school and bible readings would infringe on the rights of basically every single person that's not a Christian; and an enlightened society is supposed to be about equality, not about letting the privileged majority stomp on everyone else.

    And then we get to my second point, about it being unbiblical. If you all want to follow your book a bit more closely you might want to pay a bit more attention about that line that blatantly states to be humble about your prayer and to do so without attracting attention.

  • Admitted back into schools how?

    Kids can still pray in school. And read the bible. It's the teachers who cannot lead group prayers and the school cannot promote a certain religion. If kids do not pray in school that should tell you something huh? No creationism should not be forced. It should be available but not the standard. And no Christianity should not be rammed down kids throats that's where ignorance comes from. Should religion be taught in schools? Yes it should but all religions should be taught or none at all. Teaching a narrow minded view does not help anyone.

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