• Worshiping God is our purpose

    Allah (swt) created us, so we have to worship Him, The devil is the one trying to lead us astray, the devil lives in the Bermuda Triangle and sends his demon jinn to make us see, ghosts, werewolves, vampires, ufos, aliens, Mothman, Jersey Devil, Goatman, El Chupacabra, Owlman, and many other monsters

    and the devil doesn't want us to pray and pees in our ear to keep us astray

    so Start Praying

  • No one would even be able to tell

    I could be sitting at my computer and start saying a prayer to God in my head and you wouldn't even be able to tell. You can 'ban' it if you want but you can't control what people are thinking. Lots of Christians pray all the time and sometimes just a few simple words. It would be impossible to tell someone they couldn't pray at work and impossible to I force the rule.

  • Of course it should

    People have a right to pray, it does not make any sense to deny them this right at work. It does not hurt anyone also so why in the world would it be banned.

    God should be a part of our lives every day and in every way, not dropped and forgotten when we walk in the door to work.

  • Workers should be allowed to pray, but only if they do it in their tea breaks, and in a toilet cubicle...

    ...Where nobody can see them...And they shouldn’t pray out loud. When workers want a cigarette they can go outside and have one in their tea break so I don’t see why religious nutters shouldn’t be allowed to pray at work, just so long as they do it away from normal people. Why? Well, can you imagine how embarrassing it would be if you invited a client to visit your offices and as you were walking past someone’s desk, instead of working, the employee had their hands clasped together and were shouting up at the ceiling: “Oh, God Almighty, please forgive me for I have sinned”?

  • No, prayer should not be allowed.

    Praying to an invisible man is a sign of a serious mental illness. And while I'm completely for freedom and have absolutely nothing against religion (I have a Christian friend) I just don't agree with praying to something that isn't there. I don't hate Christians, I just don't agree with their behavior.

    And that's what I have to put up with in hearing 80% of the garbage arguments against gay marriage or virtually any gay rights issue. Really though, I'm for prayer in the workplace, so long as people can keep it to them selves, it's not mandated, and they so they don't go about drawing attention to themselves like an obnoxious child.

  • Freedom of Religion.

    Our constitution gives us the freedom of religion. Does it say that that does not pertain to our place of employment? No. It does not. Some religions have it so followers may want to pray multiple times throughout the day. Are we saying that they are not allowed to do that? That they're not allowed to practice their religion?

  • Yes definitely allowed.

    I think however, there should be limits on prayer. My perfect system would allow all prayer but the following.

    Prayer that harms animals, children, or people.

    Prayer that is very loud, or obnoxiously long

    Prayer that is done publicly in a manner that proselytizes others.


    Anyone have any other typed of prayer that should be banned in the workplace? Or disagree with these restrictions?

  • Allowed, not mandated.

    Mandating prayer in workplaces would clearly be a violation of religious freedom, as it would be forcing religious/spiritual beliefs onto people who don't practice them.

    Disallowing prayer altogether, however, would also violate people's rights to practice their own religious rituals.

    Long story short? There's a difference between allowing religious rituals and imposing them--a difference that should be distinguished clearly.

  • Prayer Should Be Allowed

    I am an ardent atheist opposed to religion but do believe in freedom. Everyone should be free to explore their own philosophies and religons. In the absence of violence religion gives direction to people searching for an answer and within this capacity perhaps praying can be seen as their internal reflection which grants them a deeper insight into their personal problems. Should it matter then where this occurs? A holy building? A home? A place of business? As long as they are not offensively praying by attempting to shame others it is unecessary to take offense to prayer

  • Yes, I think that should be allowed to pray

    I think that they should be allowed to pray because it is their own religion and they should be able to pray. What? Is it shameful now a days that you are a certain religion. No religion is correct. Everybody has different beliefs. This is just sad. For those of you that said no. YOU ARE WRONG

  • The same premise as public school

    Prayer and religion should be private. The Christians in the US have a new found obnoxiousness that is really sickening. The assumption is, everybody is a Christian and believes just as they do. It is invasive and makes the other folks uncomfortable. People shouldn't have be uncomfortable just because someone pulls out the religion card. Ewwwwwww.

  • Sorry, your religion is your private thing...

    I have no problems if somebody is religious, but it is is private thing.
    He/ She can pray and practise his religious, during his private time but not at work.
    Further more also not at public places/areas.
    I have no problem with religious as long as it does not bother others.

    It doesn't matter if he/she is a christian, a jew or a muslim.

    Posted by: timC
  • No what a

    Crazy idea let " worshippers " go to a private room during break time and behind closed doors lick the mans ass. No fellow workers should be infringed upon by these people and there holy books should be kept out of site ,By the way hope the Muslims get a soundproof room because neither man or beast could listen to there infernal wailing , 5 times a day .Keep mumbo jumbo out of the workplace .

  • If you're working in the public sector....

    Then no. Separation between church and state encompasses working in the government, whether it be political or not. The problems with extending prayer boundaries is that it increases the range of one's constituents, and given all the religious hicks in Congress (talking mainly about the Republicans though the Democrats also suffer from this as well), I don't agree.

  • Work and worship are separate

    The workplace is for work. It has been created for that very purpose, and freedom of religious worship doesnt extend this much. We all have a right to believe or disbelieve, but worship should be restricted to churches, mosques and the like. Praying at work is disrespectful to the company.

  • Keep Your Personal Life to Yourself

    Private matters like religion, sexual orientation, dating, political views, all things of those type should stay out of the workplace for the sake of professionalism, cooperation, and respect. Many people feel strongly about their religious beliefs and if a die-hard atheist overhears a conversation about how sinners will go to Hell, then it could get nasty. Fast.

  • Unprofessional and unethical

    For the sake of work place's goals of effective work and better working conditions, one needs to keep his/her personal matters off the work desk. The same reason why dating is forbidden in a workplace. The element of religion is far more potent in bring unproductive anxiety in the work area. It is true that many of us think of our religions as a peace loving religion but we acknowledge that other people have problem with the different views. And workplace is not only for believers and unbelievers, its for capitalists and opportunists, economy is in bad shape. In such conditions one most not forget its duty to the as a worker and responsibility to the people since we live in a share world and we accept trade and have earnings. In this respect prayer in workplace is unprofessional and unethical and one should refrain from it.

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TheVoiceOfTruth says2013-10-10T23:55:03.110
It is irrational and dangerous to say people should not have the freedom to pray in the workplace. The Constitution guarantees freedom of religion, which means that people get to practice their beliefs regardless of others disagreement with those beliefs (obviously within the bounds of actually harming another person's life, liberty, or property). If people do not have the freedom to pray in the workplace, is that not also a violation of their free speech rights? Can't we then say that churches are an offensive symbol to nonbelievers? Such logic is dangerous and unreliable. People unquestionably should have the right to pray in the workplace.
TheVoiceOfTruth says2013-10-10T23:55:37.643
So in other words I agree with you.
Contejour says2013-10-11T08:09:23.413
Pray if you wish but no fellow worker should have to suffer , and not during work hours unless on your own time . Should always be done privately out of sight and religious books kept out of sight . Beats me anyway why prayers at home won't suffice God sure does like a lot of praise very insecure guy . Religion in work when in view should never be allowed it's a form of bullying