Should prayer be put back in American schools?

Asked by: JSNB16
  • I believe prayer should be put back in school.

    I do think it should be put back in school. But the only problem with that is the multiply religions in our schools now. Should it only be Christian? Should it include other religions prays? Should the government still be in control of schools? Or should we go back to the way things use to be?

  • They should be put back

    There is no separation of church and state in the first amendment. Secular people are lying about it being in the constitution. Prayers should be brought back because since the beginning of the nation, most of our schools were the best in the world because of prayers in schools and Bible reading. When it was illegally outlawed in 1963, teen crime rates and teen murder rates went up and low SAT scores went down. As for today, it doesn't matter whether there are kids who identify with a different religion whether it is Muslim, Buddhists, Hindu etc. The point is majority of Americans still identify as Christians and it would be disservice when the majority who identify with the Christian faith are being marginalized in their own schools where they pay taxes for it as well. No one makes anyone pray to a specific religion. Students have the option to not pray as well and of course no one will be forced to. If someone is forced to pray the Christian prayer, then obviously it's the person that instigate it at fault and it shouldn't be directed to all Christians. And let's put it this way as well. Christianity is not just a white man's religion. Many people from different countries are now identifying themselves as Christian as well. So if you would put up prayers in schools where cities are ethnically diverse, then it would work because there are Indian Christians, Asian Christians, Arab Christians, South American Christians, and African Christians. So don't tell me that ethnic people would be marginalized because of Christian prayers because Christianity is growing in other parts of the world. As for the ones that identify with other religions, we will not hold them accountable and they will still have their freedom to worship. It has always been like that as well anyway

  • How could this be a good idea?

    The first amendment states that there must be a separation of church and state. Incorporating prayer into school systems is definitely violating that amendment. Also, what would you do if you have an Atheist student, or a Muslim, Jew, or any other religion. Even if you give these students separate times to "pray" than this only creates segregation amongst the students.

  • Mandated prayer is unconstitutional.

    Forcing prayer on anyone goes against the first amendment but that aside prayer is still in school. Just no mandated prayer the public schools the public schools cant sponsor a prayer or anything like that. Thats the way it should be nobody should ever be forced to pray if they are a non christian group like atheists, Muslims, Buddhists, Jewish, etc,

  • Of Course Not!

    I assume anyone who says "yes" is a Christian. In that case, would you want a Muslim forcing your children to pray to Muhammed, or a Scientologist making your kid worship Lord Xenu? I assume not. Basically, as long as you agree that the religions of teachers or schools shouldn't be pushed down the throats of children, you should be fine with not making the government mandate it. As a side note, kids can still pray as much as they want to without a teacher.

  • Assuming said school is a public school, no.

    Define school: an institution for educating children

    A public school educates children. Any student of any belief can enroll. It is not intended for a place of worship. It is intended to teach kids knowledge and facts. If a family wants their child to pray at a set time according to their religion, send them to a private school.

    Religion should stay out of public education institutions all together. Creation stories, prayer, all that stuff should stay in their church or private school.

  • Voluntary prayer has never been outlawed, lead prayer has never been allowed

    There is no reason to go against what our founding fathers believed in regards to religion and government.

    The two should be separate at all times.

    Our founders would be disgusted by the level of religious corruption in our secular political system as it currently stands. They would scoff at the very notion of school lead prayer.

  • It is an infringement of the 1st Amendment

    We are given the freedom of religion here in the U.S. under the First Amendment. Anyone can practice any religion they want, and, if their not religious, they don't' have to practice. By instituting mandatory prayers in American schools, not only would that be violating the Bill of Rights, but the U.S. would be failing the thousands of immigrants who immigrated to the U.S. in the past for religious freedom. Schools are a place for education, not religion. Leave that to the church, temple, mosque, or any other house of worship to handle.

  • Praying in Public School should not be allowed.

    I believe that public schools, should not allow any kind of praying, and the teacher should not pray in front of the class. Prayers should stay in churches and private school. Praying only creates separation. And prayers go against the First Amendment. If their families want them to pray, they should go to private schools, not public schools.

  • It Was Never Taken Out.

    No one has ever said that your children cannot pray in school. If they want to do that, they have that right. What cannot happen is that the prayer cannot be lead by the teacher, that is all. No one took prayer out of school, so it cannot be put back in.

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SweetTea says2014-07-28T12:27:45.830
I think if a student or teacher wants to pray, they should have that right. If students want to start a Prayer Group that meets before school starts, they should have that right. It's called Freedom of Religion. But ... Teachers shouldn't force students to pray (the whole idea defeats the purpose), students shouldn't be pressured to join Prayer Groups, etc. Everybody has rights. It is possible to co-exist without infringing upon one another.
leonitus2464 says2014-07-28T14:25:20.623
@SweetTea all of that is allowed schools cant force it on anyone but students can start prayer groups and pray individually just no mandated prayer and thats the way it should be.
JSNB16 says2014-07-28T14:27:08.280
SweetTea, Not a bad idea!
JSNB16 says2014-07-28T14:27:27.030
@SweetTea Not a bad idea!
BlackOpal97 says2015-06-27T11:44:15.513
I think they should have the right