• Many athletes have religious backgrounds.

    Many athletes come from different religions and cultures. Part of their routine before a game can perhaps consist of praying, or worshiping a God. Having the prayer rooms on site for these athletes would make it more convenient for them to access. Already being at the stadium to perform these prayers would mean, more time spent in preparation for the game. These rooms could make up for the fact that many athletes have to miss their traditional worship meetings on Sunday mornings in order to participate in these events.

  • It is a place for sport not religion.

    For over 150 years we have not required a room for prayer. With religion in Australia in decline why is it now a topic of conversation? I don't understand who can not wait 3 hours before they need to pray. Of the 100,007 fans who attended todays final, most of them would have been on their knees praying at various points during the game. But can't that just be done in your seat? I can understand toilets, food stalls, coffee carts and bars as these are all essential things required by everyone. Once you bend to appease one religion who can't go 3 hours without checking in, where do we stop?

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