• Drug Abuse increases theft.

    In the retail industry alone, at least a billion dollars a year is lost from employee theft, either by inventory shrink or cash shortages. One of the prime causes that people steal is addiction to drugs. Drug abuse creates a need that are far more expensive than most small businesses can afford to pay in hourly wages.

  • Actually, all drugs that they test for have some kind of risk involved.

    Even the less harmful ones like marijuana have enough risk. Among other things, marijuana affects depth perception, hand-eye coordination, and reaction time. This means that the person is more likely to be involved with a work related injury when working around or with equipment. In order to assure a safer work environment, OSHA should make drug testing a part of employment practices.

  • It helps prevent people who are on drugs from causing damage to a company.

    Simply put, being on drugs makes you lazy and unfocused. If we hired everyone without drug testing in important jobs where a person's life is on the line, there would be numerous accidents and deaths. This would, in turn, create absurd amounts of lawsuits and consequences that could shut a company down permanently.

  • Risk Management

    Obviously the objective is to keep the workplace as safe as possible. Individuals who use or abuse drugs expose the company to much greater risks. Liability is then much higher as well as issues surrounding injuries to themselves or others. Greater Workers Comp costs, more lost time due to substance abuse related issues.

  • Protect life and property

    Drug abusers put customers, co-workers, and company property at risk. Even occasional users are more likely to have a poor attendance record and be in involved in a workplace accident. Employee screening services is essential for a safe and productive workforce. Illegal drugs are illegal and have no place in the workplace.

  • Pre-employment drug tests should be mandatory.

    Any act that is considered illegal or a violation of governing laws should not be allowed on the work place. If a person decides do use drugs in the privacy of their house that is fine, but when they are at work, with people they can not be influenced by narcotics when they are performing a job in which they are getting paid.

  • Yes, drug tests should be mandatory.

    Employers need to know whether the workers they are choosing are in an acceptable physical state. A person with a drug problem is likely to be late for work often, have inappropriate outbursts at work, and miss important meetings and assignments. This cuts down on productivity, and could even put other employees in danger.

  • Drug testing is wrong

    I would be for it if the drug test would show if you were high during work. However you can smoke a joint at home and test positive 3 weeks later. Come on guys, you can't think that it is ethical to fire someone for smoking some weed on their own time.

  • Drug testing should be illegal

    Drug testing is an invasion of privacy. It requires testing of bodily fluids, which is an invasion of a persons body. If an employee is using drugs that affect their work, then they should be fired when their work is affected. If their work is not affected, then the entire argument for drug testing is ridiculous.

  • Shouldn't be required

    Do companies not realize how much money plus people they lose a year? They lose about 1 million dollars on random tests a year and they end up losing 34,000 people that work for that company plus they are also getting into someones personal life when they're only supposed to be at work for so long a day. A person shouldn't have to be worried about having a little fun in there life which will cause less depression and suicide.

  • Try to back up the claim

    Abuse is different than use and not all drugs are created equally. There have been studies that show that using narcotics are correlated to job related issues but this is not the norm in creating drug policies. I think that unless you can back up your claim for why you test with a reputable study relating the off work use to on work performance it is unfair to discriminate.

  • No, although some employers have to ensure a drug free environment.

    Some employers have to ensure that their employees are not drug users. Employers who provide services to the public in which an employee using drugs is at risk of harming other people by their drug use need to know before they put such an employee on a job. I guess it's not very relevant whether the guy who cooked your burger is using drugs, but it is if your nurse or bus driver is. So, it should really be up to the employer to determine whether to test or not.

  • Drug Testing is a Choice

    Drug testing should not be mandatory for pre-employment. Companies should have the choice of whether they want to drug test potential employees. Drug tests cost money. Some companies might not want to spend the money or have to deal with the drug testing process. It slows down the hiring process and drug use is not a big deal for all employers.

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