• I think so

    There are clear benefits from dating at a young age, primarilly learning certain life skills and understanding how relationships are effected by what actions, the problem is poor education on the subject of sex and safety and that its illegal before a certain age, but learning about these things early is definately healthy, i intend to teach my kids about sex and relationships as early as 6 years old, that knowledge could shield them from a sexual threat one day

  • There is a great deal of decision making

    There is no need to not have a boyfriend and they should be able to do what they want when they want because they are learning, and growing. The more mistakes they make the more lessons they will be tought, therefore theyre lifes will have more skills in them if preteens have boyfriends and girlfriends.

  • It's called experimenting

    Preteens should be able to have a boyfriend because it helps her learn how to develop a relationship with the opposite sex. It may even help her understand how men think and she would also make a lot more friends in the process. Besides, there is nothing wrong with a little puppy love. It gets you prepared for real-life dating and what to expect.

  • Pre-teens should have friends and nothing more

    There is no reason for a pre-teen to have a boyfriend. Boyfriends and girlfriends are terms used to refer to a significant other outside of marriage. A significant other is one in an exclusive, romantic relationship. This is not to say that pre-teens should not have friends of the opposite sex. Pre-teens should not have a significant other, and thus should not have boyfriends. Friends that are boys should remain just friends.

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