• It’s not a big deal

    Pregnancy does not have an impact on a youngsters school experience. Pregnant women can continue to have sex up until the final weeks of her pregnancy. Moreover fellatio can be performed anytime during pregnancy and child birth. In short, no “big deal.” Let them continue on being indoctrinated by government employees

  • Education Is Key

    Yes, there is a pregnant teenager, but she still deserves an education. Without an education, I believe that this teenager would be un-capable to support her child in the future. If a teenager does not receive an education, she will struggle to find work in the future and may find it difficult to support her child/family in the future.

  • Two Lives to Think Of.

    When someone is pregnant, they need support more than anything. If you stop them from going to school, you cause them to be concerned about their, and their unborn child's future. When two people's futures are effected, they need every chance.

    Let the teenager learn, and let her fight for both her, and her child. She isn't a toy to be moved wherever is easiest for others, but a person. There is enough stigma on those who have children early in life, they need no more fear.

  • Depends What Type of School

    If a student is pregnant that is a teenager she's either admitting to being raped (which she will get bullied for) or she'll be admitting that she had underage sex (which she'll get bullied for), keeping the pregnant person out of school will have less of an effect on their mental health. However if it is someone going to college and they're pregnant then it's okay I guess.

  • 70% yes and 30% No

    30% endanger life of the person as well
    Learning throughout while caring and carrying weight might affects her education and during that stats she will have depression and many mode swing and it is very hard for her to study.

    70% learning throughout while caring and carrying weight is hard but that dose not stop people from learning and catching up with the society although thought her journey will not be as easy as we can think of, but it is still better than staying home and rot.

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