Should pregnant students be allowed to continue with education?

  • Yes they should.

    Pregnant students should be allowed to continue with their education. It is bad enough that they are taking a major set back by being pregnant, why would we want to hinder them more by not allowing them to continue or finish their education. There is no reason to revoke thier education.

  • Pregnant Sutdents Should Stay in School

    Should pregnant students be allowed to continue with education? "Allowed" does not do the situation justice. Pregnant students should be required to stay in school. Getting as good an education as possible is a necessity for their welfare and that of their children. Without graduating from high school a young woman's earning potential is going to be less which will be a detriment also for her children.
    Being pregnant in high school should set off alarms for that mom-to-be to buckle down and make the most of her last months in school because even if she may resume her education later, there will probably be an interruption. And once out of school it is usually hard to resume school, especially with the responsibilities of caring for children. For all practical purpose these ladies should think of school as their last chance for a while, to pack in some knowledge that can help them sustain both themselves and their soon to be families.

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