Should pregnant teen Barbie dolls be for sale?

Asked by: DarkMisterie
  • Yeah sure why not?

    A company can and should sell whatever they want to put out into the market. If your a parent and youre against this them just dony buy the doll for your children. No one os making you. If your kid sees it in the score you can either just say that the doll is martied and a mommy or use the opportunity to explain why you disagree if they are of a certain age.

  • Immoral, Religiously speaking. Its fornication.

    The bible directly forbids fornication, which is sex out of marriage. Teenagers cannot legally marry, so therefore a pregnant Barbie encourages fornication, and encourages children to think about sex, which is obvious. Maternity wards see 10 year olds pregnant, so this glamorizes sex, which is vulgar, at least in this setting. What does a 12-13 year old get out of this? "Oh be like Barbie, she has sex, so why not me?" This is giving kids the wrong idea. Whats next, abortion-doc Barbie?

  • Grooooooooss.... I'm not sure about this....

    Honestly, this probably is all based on what your parenting preferences are. But to me, if kids are gonna learn the truth about the ol' stork, the parent's should tell them in a less..... Creepy way. This could be good for an educational doll for those Sex Ed. Classes, but I wouldn't unleash this on the general public....

  • Exposing Young Girls To pregnancy?

    Young girls shouldn't be exposed to pregnancy at such a young age. They should be told when they are old enough to understand what pregnancy is. If a parent was out in a store and a young girl wanted a pregnant doll the product would not sell because parents wouldn't want their child to play with a toy that has something that maybe their child is to young to understand.

  • Only makes teen pregnancy a "common" or "cool" thing in the minds of little girls.

    When you give a child a doll they tend to idolize it and sometimes aspire to be like it. If you give a little girl a pregnant teen doll she will think that having a child as a teen is a "cool" thing to do. In reality teens are not all that well equipped to parent so we should not be giving little girls the idea that they should become mothers as teens which these dolls could consciously or subconsciously be doing.

  • No question about it…NO!

    This is a no brainer. Absolutely not. First of all teenagers aren't the ones playing with barbie dolls regardless of the age the barbie appears to be. Barbie is generally marketed to children between the ages of 3 and 9 but recent statistics show that the last 15 years or so children between the ages of 3 and 6 are still playing with barbie. Therefore why would a parent want or be put in a position to have to explain to their child at the age of 3, 4, 5 or 6 why the barbie is pregnant , what being pregnant means and how it happens and many other questions that curious children of that age group will ask. Not to mention the issue with young girls forming an early opinion of what their bodies and image should look like judging either consciously or subconsciously barbie impossible to achieve body image. This false sense of what a girls body should look like, weather the barbie body image being pregnant or too thin and busty, has been a probable link as to why many children today are growing up with lower self esteem and eating disorders because of an image portrayed to the through dolls, television, celebrities, magazines ext. We live in a society where being superficial is encouraged and morals such as not having sex until after marriage is basically nonexistent.

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wildmanz says2015-01-11T00:09:46.640
Why not profit from the truth