Should pregnant teens and their partners attend parenting classes or lessons?

  • I think all parents or soon to be parents should take parenting classes

    I believe that we should take parenting classes, not because we don't know what were doing but, to have some experience and some lessons. For example before I took parenting classes I use to prop by baby's bottle and it use to drip down to his ear, and sometimes he has ear infections if I would have took classes before I would have not done that. So yes I feel everybody should take classes.

  • Gives a Base

    Without a base for future (or current) parenthood, teens will have much understanding of children, and will have no experience. Parenting classes provide at least a base for teens to learn about caring for a child. Even if it isn't considered the "right" way to parent by some people, it is some structure for teens to learn from.

  • Raising our next generation!

    I believe that teens should be required to take parenting classes. For the the first reason, we are raising the next generation and by knowing more about parenting it will help the economy/community grow to be better. It could even lead to peace because the kids of the next generation will probably be more sentimental. Another reason would be because it would prevent teens from wanting kids when they're not ready. Nearly a third of pregnant teenagers choose abortion. The last reason would be that in that classroom it will teach you basics in parenting. Like how to properly change a baby and establishing a safe environment. In conclusion, please say yes to teens attending parenting classes.

  • I agree with this because....

    I've been doing research on this topic for school and only being in middle school, even I agree that teens should take parenting classes so they can know the basics and everything that goes from there. I really don't feel like adding more because I got to do some more research so BYEE :D

  • Yes, For The Baby's sake

    Pregnant teens and their partners have no idea what they have
    gotten themselves into. They need to learn the facts, fast, for the sake of the
    child. They need to grow up. Boys should recognize their responsibility to
    support their child, and should be encouraged to nurture the little one as
    well. Girls will probably also need to work to support their child, and they
    will have to be the primary caregiver too. Childcare lessons should be mandatory!

  • Teens, most especially, should take a parenting class

    Kids are beginning to have kids. I know about 10 teen parents as of this year and none of them know what they are doing. How can we expect to be good at raising children when we're still kids ourselves, still figuring out life and who we are and what we want to do in life? One single teen mom said because she has practice taking care of her younger siblings that she didn't need to take a parenting class, but little did she realize, she almost had her son taken away because she was terrible with him. She thought she was doing everything right, feeding only milk for two years (even during the hot summer and he threw up because he got so dehydrated), he gained over 15 pounds this past year, and more. Throwing on the bed because she was sick of changing his diaper and feeding him, etc. My point is, even with past experience, you should always take a parenting class for preparation. You never know what's going to happen, what you'll be like, or what your partner will be like or even how your child will end up . Take it even to be on the safe side. I've had 6 years of practice with twins, some with Asperger's, even took care of 4 toddlers all at the same time, and I still plan on taking a parenting class. Better be safe then sorry.

  • I believe that all pregnant couple should receive parenting lessons, this is due to the extreme amount of adolescents bearing children.

    Getting professional guidance in raising children provides a great start to the parent and child relationship. This is because learning from experienced people will give you important information on everything from A-Z, to raise your young one the accurate way. A parenting classes purposes is to help you become a more confident parent, as you learn strategies to stay close to your children as they raise them to be a member of society. Also, through this learning process you are able to ask questions so that you could be the most efficient parent as can be.
    Parenting classes help parents to understand their roles better and what effort they need to put in to fulfill their child’s needs. These classes will also help the mother and father get an idea about what taking care of a child is going to be like. They start to get prepared for what they’re going to expect and they will start be aware on each of their duties. Some new parents might be nervous about the arrival of their baby. This is because a new baby brings new challenges that some parents simply aren't prepared to deal with. Although, parenting classes will teach you to keep calm, positive and most importantly confident.

    Regardless of the age of your children, a parenting class helps and provides confidence in parenting, you gain resources, and make new friends, that share the same pain, and problems as you. In my opinion receiving such classes would be for the advantage of our modern society. Since 1 out of 20 teens bear children at least once before the age of 20, this would sure be a brighter and more successful future for our world. In the past, classes were mainly arranged for teen parents and single moms. Although all that has changed because parenting classes are recommended for everyone that is ready to start a family.

    Contrasting your newest electronic contraptions, your child doesn't give off alongside a how-to guidebook. No matter how biological it appears, that you would spontaneously distinguish how to parent as soon as your little one arrives, that's not always the situation. Nurturing lessons are available at local schools, churches, communal centers and hospitals.

    The arrival of an infant is usually an occurrence for happiness and joy. Guaranteeing that he or she is raised into a rounded person. Parenting is chaotic. It's essential that parents grasp that their individual childhood needs to be repaired before they can be efficient parents. A respectable parenting class can aid, however it's significant to comprehend that certain parents will profit from speaking to a therapist or coach. The gratification of natural comicality and exhilarating memorandum can assist parents optimistically alter their child’s society, their child’s organizations and their child’s lives.

  • They need to learn to be parents while still being parented.

    Teenagers are typically self-centered and that is not to say they are selfish or spiteful. It's just they are at a time in their life where they are exploring the transition into adulthood, and trying to make their footprint in this world. Often they get jealous and self conscious and use possessions to gain control or neglect responsibilities. Teenagers need to learn that a baby needs 100% of their support and care. They need to learn the importance of changing a nappy, how to correctly wash and feed a child. They are children, so they need to stop thinking like children and now think like adults, and this is difficult.

  • I think teen parenting is a good idea

    I think teen parenting is a good idea because it helps the parents know how to care for their baby and teaches the mom how to keep her self and the baby healthy before birthing. By bringing the other spouse it also teaches him what he should do during the pregnancy.

  • All new parents need guidance.

    Yes, I think young parents need classes. Teens are so inexperienced, so giving them a head start to help them understand the woes of parenting will take the sting out of hard reality. They think they are mature enough, but the pitfalls of child rearing is so understated.

    Posted by: MoaningElroy
  • Pregnant teens and their partners should attend parenting classes, because it is important for anyone expecting a baby to attend these classes

    Having a baby completely changes someone's life. A lot of things that come with having a baby do come naturally. However, a lot of things are very hard and take a lot of tolerance to deal with. Therefore, it is because of this, that it is important that anyone, including pregnant teens and their partners, attend parenting classes. These classes help you understand things that you would never think of on your own.

  • No they should not

    Parents should raise their child how they want because, if everyone raised their child based on a book everyone would be the same and act the same. It gets trying to read a book every time they do something right or wrong . Also remembering every thing you learn and raise a child

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