Should pregnant women be allowed to request a caesarean section?

  • Yes, Caesarean Sections are simply a medical procedure

    Pending a doctors approval and some information about the ramifications of this procedure, I think women should be able to request a caesarean section. The difference between a vaginal delivery and a caesarean section seem to vary from mother to mother and baby to baby. I personally have delivered four children vaginally and had great delivery and recovery times. But if others want the option to deliver their children differently, I think that is perfectly legitimate.

  • Yes a pregnant woman should be allowed to request a caesarean section

    It is the mom's body, and the mom's baby, she should have every right to have it in any way she may choose to. It is not a doctor's place to tell her she cannot. If she wants a caesarean she should be allowed to have one. It's really about as simple as that in my opinion. As I say, it's her body, so it should be her choice.

  • Yes, with proper education and information from their OBGYN prior to labor.

    I was once in this very situation. As a young first time mom, I was very scared of the process and wanted a caesarean. I requested one several times at my doctor visits. My doctor declined and assured me that when it was over, I'd be very glad I did not have a caesarean. In labor, I repeatedly made c-section requests with nurses responses being "no, you don't want that", or "trust me, a c-section is worse."
    It turns out, they were right. I am very glad I didn't have a c-section. However, I feel like I should have at least had the option. Looking back, when I requested it with my doctor, I would have appreciated education on the differences, risks and facts, rather than just being told that in the end, I would be glad I didn't have one. If given the option after being educated on c-sections, I doubt I would have chosen to have one.
    I think women should be allowed to request one, but with proper education and knowledge given by healthcare professionals before the decision is made.

  • Yes, Pregnant Women Should Be Allowed to Request a Caesarean Section

    A great deal of caesarean sections have been successfully performed and they do not post a great risk to mother or child. In some cases, it is actually a lot safer for women to have a caesarean section than to deliver naturally.

    The most important consideration is that a woman knows her body best and should be allowed to have control over the decisions regarding her childbirth. If a caesarean section is the safest option for her, she should be allowed to request it.

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