Should pregnant women in the United States be worried about the Zika virus?

  • Yes, it's a horrible virus

    Since the Zika virus is mainly present in pregnant women and has been known so far to cause birth abnormalities in babies, pregnant mothers have every right to be concerned about this. The CDC recently said this could be a global epidemic. If so, not only will expectant mothers have to worry, everyone else should as well.

  • Yes, pregnant women in the United States should be worried about the Zika virus.

    I believe pregnant women cannot be too careful. Of course the woman would need to be far more concerned if she had traveled to a country riddled with Zika or had knowingly been in direct contact with someone infected. However we all know how quickly and easily things can spread and become out of control so I say yes, err on the side of being cautious.

  • It is no joke

    While at this time the problem seems to be limited to women that have traveled and been exposed in another country, this is the same thing that has happened with other viruses such as HIV. We don't know fully how Zika is spread, and it is much better to be safe than sorry.

  • Yes,Pregnant women in US should be worried about Zika virus

    The pregnant women in United States should be concerned about the Zika virus as this virus is known to affect pregnant women a lot. The way it is spreading it can reach US soon from Mexico and South America. A lot of people travel to and from these places into the United States.

  • Yes they should

    Women that are pregnant in the United states should be concerned, but not worried. The Zika virus is something to be worried about when it does come into the US. Easy tactic: move to colder parts of the US when it does come into our country. Thank you for reading.

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