Should prescription drug ads be more strictly regulated?

  • Doctors and not consumers should presribe drugs

    Prescription drug ads should be more strictly regulated. Drug ads often gloss over the possible side effect, or deliver them in small print, or in a high-speed tv blurb. Consumers with little medical knowledge see the ads and respond to them as we do to other commercial products, and may ask for them based only on what they see. This benefits drug companies, but not always patients. Ads should be more regulated so that drug companies have to be direct and honest about their products.

  • Yes: America is one of the only countries that even let Drug companies advertise.

    Prescription ads are the product of large pharmaceutical companies attempting to garner a large profit. That isn't the point of medicine, the point of medicine is to provide health care. When drug companies are allowed to advertise , they create a patient need for an expensive product, making health care more expensive.

  • With the way they are now, why have prescriptions at all?

    The current state of prescription ads are all phrased like, "Ask your doctor about ___," where you are supposed to go in there knowing what kind of medicine you need. The point of getting a prescription is for the doctor to figure out what is wrong with you and then give you a prescription for the kind of medicine you need. Selling prescription drugs directly to the consumer misses the whole point of having prescriptions.

  • Yes - too much information

    Prescription drug ads are getting out of control in some ways. With many drugs that are just hitting the market, the dangers and side effects take up more of the ad space or TV time than the benefits the patient receives from taking the medication. Because so many medicines are out there, it's hard to keep track of them when there's an information overload.

  • No, prescription drug ads should not be more strictly regulated.

    No, I believe that prescription drug ads do not need to be more strictly regulated. We have already placed a massive amount of rules and regulations on Big Pharma when it comes to advertising, including rules like forcing them to name every possible dangerous side-effects of their drugs in commercials. If they were any more strict on these drug ads, companies would start to pull them off air and stick to other advertising procedures.

  • No I want to know what the drug does

    It's a shame when you are watching a program and they are promoting a new drug with a TV ad spot that they have to spend half the ad talking about the side effects of the drug, the announcer will come on with a voice over and speak a million miles per hour with legal jargon most of us don't understand.

    If the FDA passed your drug and it sounds like something I need I'll talk to my doctor about it I don't need 30 seconds of what it might do.

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