Should president Barack Obama be impeached?

Asked by: Fanny
  • Lying Under Oath

    Obama should be impeached because He lied under Oath, that is Perjury. He said he would make our nation a better nation. He never did that, because he just does not care, He is just trying to add laws, and start WW3; that is NOT a better nation, is it?

  • Obama Should most definitely be impeached.

    Barack Obama has done nothing more than lie to us, the American people. He wants to ban guns to stop school shootings and things like that. Well congrats Mr. President that's just going to make it harder for the good people to get them and the bad people will still find a way to get them. How smart does that sound. I don't support Obama and no I'm not racist. That is one thing I hate you say you don't like Obama and jumps on you and say things like Your racist. It's drives me nuts.

  • Lies, Lies, Lies

    Obama has lied on many occasions about many big things. There is no denying it. What happened to the red line in Syria? What happened to if you like your insurance you can keep it? What about stopping the NSA from spying on people? What about when he said before he got elected "I am not going after your guns". Everything Obama says is a lie and he deserves to be replaced with a better more honest president!

  • I shouldn't need to explain this. The man is a LIAR. And DON'T put words in my mouth and say I liked Bush any better.
    Click on that link. It answers everything. If you can somehow make a GOOD argument against impeachment after reading that article, you came from a universe where none of those impeachable things happened. That, or you only think it's good. Is there more to say? Oh, yes. Obama is a lying bag of turd we were sold under the impression that we were being sold a combination of gold, silver, and platinum. And I am not a racist. Also, shariah law trumps any arguments that people have nothing to fear from true islam.

  • Yes he should be impeached.

    He should be impeached because he's done more damage to our government, economy, and our citizens. He has no clue on how to run a nation, or politics. We have more homeless because of the taxes on homes, and because of the worthless dollar bill we have as a currency. The only reason he's been in office is because he was the first black to run for presidency. And as u can tell its not worked out very well. More people are getting hurt by obama care than that are being helped.

  • He is man who made bad changes to America

    He and the rest of his blue party friends rely on the certain groups to elect them and the will talk all day and tell you that republicans are bad and lets tax the rich. Hehehe!!! But the truth is, republicans do more and democrats have decreased job growth and increase taxes. And I am sure George Washington, John Madison and John Hancock did not see or country being the way it is today and the amount of money we owe today and the predicament it is in today. They saw it as a powerful country that would last and not have a so called "Russian President" be more influencing than the leader of the Free World. Thank god republicans took control of Congress because that is exactly what or country needed.

  • Pretty much Benghazi

    Where was he when fellow Americans were dying?! He could have helped them and he didn't! But besides that, he lied several times about Obamacare. People are LOSING their healthcare because of him. So much suffering and he isn't doing anything about it, instead he is focusing on politics, a ton of good that does for the world.

  • Impeach him Yesterday

    Obama has yet to prove his pre-election history. None have come forward to vouch for him. Furthermore any who can say anything about his past somehow end up dead. Just like the members of Navy Seal Team Six. I would argue he was never legitimately elected to begin with, but then the same could be said for George w.

  • Obama shouldn't be impeached.

    Obama shouldn't be impeached because he's from hawaii and according to the constitution that means he has the right to be president. Anyone from America has the right to be president and it's illegal for us to take it away. If he was from some other country then he could be impeached because he wouldn't have the right to be president.

  • Everything he's done points to his Marxist/Socialist/Communist roots and his hatred of this Country, capitalism and white people.

    He has "fundamentally transformed", like he promised, this once productive, respected and moral Country, into a third world nation in less than 8 years.

    He's squandered it's wealth, health, and status in the world and it's no wonder why he's been proclaimed the first "Black President" of the USA, despite the fact he's half Asian.

    He couldn't possibly acknowledge his other half, because he knows they wouldn't accept his paltry handouts for support.

    It's too bad more African-Americans, Latinos, Government pay-rolled union members, and stupid white women, can't see through his fog.

    It's also too bad, the Republican members of Congress don't have the guts to stand up to him because they're afraid of someone with brown skin.


  • You don't understand

    You sound like a child, who just repeats everything your father says without understanding the true meaning. Why would you possibly think he wasn't truly elected? Are the neurons in your head not firing right? I'm not even a strong supporter of Obama but you need legit ament reasons to impeach someone, and no being an unintelligent individual is not a good reason.

  • I am no supporter

    Even if he is black, and his father was Kenyan, he was NOT BORN IN KENYA. HE IS NOT A SATANIC MONSTER DEVIL MUSLIM. He was born in America, just like you, Tea Party supporters. I don't like him politically, but there is little/no grounds for the impeachment of Barack Obama.

  • 2nd Amendment is stupid.

    For years the Democrats have said that they were going to take control of guns. You can't sit here and believe Obama was the only one that ever had the idea of Gun Control. When our founding fathers wrote the amendments they were still killing each other with muskets not assault rifles.

  • No, President Obama is Guilty of Nothing but Being Black

    As President Clinton before him, the GOP just decided they didn't like him and they weren't going to play nice in the sandbox. He is guilty of nothing but getting elected twice. The GOP have shown themselves to be Bullies of the Worst Type. They don't show any common decency or manners towards a sitting President or the Office it Represents. If anything all the Tpartian GOP should be impeached for frivolous lawsuits and needless obstructionism. Time will show the Tparty as the villains in this period of history. And the black President will come our with a Good Legacy. He lowered unemployment, brought the economy back from the edge of a cliff, and managed to do so gracefully.

  • You guys are so spectacularly stupid that its hard to read.

    Impeachment is only if you break the law, not if people don't like you. You say that he lied under oath by saying that he would make us a better nation? He made it a better nation for the working class, who now have access to cheap health care. He is certainly NOT trying to start world war 3: he WITHDREW our troops from the middle east! You people are idiots.

  • Yeah, Ebola's all his fault NOT

    So one of you are stating that it's Obama's fault ebola came in. Face it, it would have come in someday. And the ambulance thing, Is it Obama's fault it didn't get washed? Plus, so we should help them differently. Ok. Can you think of a way to help them? Before you say donate money, dont. That never works. Its just a way we can try to pretend we are helping them while we dont have to go over there. Seriously, stop blaming the man for problems that he hasn't caused

  • Some of us accept reality on reality’s terms.

    The notion that this is even in question makes me horrified at the educational state of this beautiful country.

    “You have no responsibility to live up to what other people think you ought to accomplish. I have no responsibility to be like they expect me to be. It's their mistake, not my failing.” -Richard Feynman

  • People speak in ignorance

    Well obama cant do much with the republicans always blocking everything he tries to do. Like medicare mitt romney tried it in the state he was from and the republicans liked it, later obama tries it on a larger scale and they somehow dont like it like really? Just so obama dosent get a bill passed. And he inherited all the problems bush left so of course it will be hard for him to fix it. And no one impeached bush and you see where that got us, he didnt even help in katrina.

  • People speak in ignorance

    Well obama cant do much with the republicans always blocking everything he tries to do. Like medicare mitt romney tried it in the state he was from and the republicans liked it, later obama tries it on a larger scale and they somehow dont like it like really? Just so obama dosent get a bill passed. And he inherited all the problems bush left so of course it will be hard for him to fix it. And no one impeached bush and you see where that got us, he didnt even help in katrina.

  • No plausible cause

    The predication that one could impeach the president is ridiculous.
    People say that he should be impeached because he said he would make the nation better
    A) He did, by reducing the severity of the economic crisis, bringing back the automotive, industry, ending the war in Iraq...
    B) There are many presidents who did not live up to all of their promises(i.E Bush JR...)
    C) I don't know if any of you crazies actually know the law, but you actually have to break the law to be impeached.
    In conclusion, if the GOP actually spent time doing their jobs and worked on compromising with Obama and making laws, instead of voting down everything he proposes, the country would be a better place

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1harderthanyouthink says2014-04-19T01:04:00.323
@Complicated-Character how do you expect me to not call you a teabaggers when your "source" calls for impeachment on grounds of Obamacare?
Sfaulkner says2014-07-31T06:14:24.260
I don't want Biden to be president.
Wrestler123 says2014-11-06T02:27:51.263
One makes no sense the other avoids argument
jalex2 says2014-12-13T12:06:11.910
Check out my article assessing Obama's presidency on: