Should President Obama expeditiously deport the children who have crossed into the United States in the past year?

Asked by: tony228759
  • If we let them all in, more will follow.

    It is a sad reality that they will probably be going back to worse conditions, but we have citizenship, and naturalization laws for a reason. What they should do is put them up for adoption, and if someone wants the child, they can pay for the legal processing. It should not be the duty of the taxpayers to pay for a national orphanage, or for breeding more dependants. I realize this sounds calloused, but I live in reality, where we have trillions of dollars in debt, and this would increase it exponentially.

  • It' not our nations job to help the whole world. We are not the worlds police.

    I believe that we should deport all of these children back to central America because they should not be our responsibility. We already have a immigration problem as it is. If we take these kids in there is no telling how it will impact us, how it will impact the economy. Our government system is suppose to take things and deal with them with out emotion. And that is due to many reasons. This being on of them.

  • We should welcome them.

    We may not be the worlds police or orphanage, but we can still help the children illegally crossing the border from drug cartels and poverty. Where would we put them any way? Just drop them off in the middle of Mexico and let them fend for themselves. We should have mercy on them and welcome them here. Another way to solve this problem is to help Mexico out a little bit so that we don't have this problem in the first place.

  • Don't do it.

    These kids are overwhelmingly here to join the rest of their family. That is more than enough reason. However, having a heart will make you a loser in this country. Look at tony228759's comment. Look at Obama, who is paying through the nose for having the guts to help out people who can't afford healthcare coverage. The American Society is made up of many who couldn't care less about patriotic bullying, chronic still-here-and-doing-well discriminatory mentality, etc.

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