Should President Obama focus on Asia in his foreign policy?

  • Asia should be one of the main focuses on President Obama's foerign poicy

    Many countries in Asia are quickly becoming major world economic players. Many manufacturing and technology jobs are based in Asian countries. If President Obama takes the time to form a positive foreign policy concerning Asian countries, it can be a boost to the American economy. Forming positive allies for economic trade can the US economy and aid in securing our safety.

  • President Obama should focus on Asia in his foreign policy.

    President Obama should focus on Asia in his foreign policy because of the volatility in the region. The seeds of a new conflict between Japan and China has already been seen over territorial disputes. America should help bring the peace to the region in order to prevent another arms race.

  • Obama focuses on key Asian countries, namely China and Indonesia

    Many people thought Obama was just having a nice vacation when he went to Indonesia. But this was not the only case. He was also creating diplomatic relations with the fifth largest nation in the world. Indonesia is almost a second world country, and it has potential of being a productive nation.

  • Yes he should.

    President Barack Obama should put his focus on Asia for his foreign policy. With Asia's recent rise in power, it would be in the best interest of the United States if we have a good relationship with Asia. Doing this will only help Asia and the United States out in the future.

  • President Obama DOES focus on Asia

    China is and has been a major focus in the foreign policy of President Obama. It is the most powerful country in the world, outside of the United States, and it is impossible to ignore. The Obama administration will continue to engage with China to protect out interests, spread freedom, and improve the economies of both countries.

  • Asia is economically important, but not the focus of US policy.

    The trouble with being the leader of the second greatest country on Earth is that there are many chainsaws in the air. You have to keep your eye on all of them or it can end very badly very quickly. President Obama has rightfully put Middle Eastern affairs at the forefront of foreign policy. We screwed that place up pretty good, and we still have soldiers under hostile fire there (Korea doesn't count as hostile.) As commander in chief, that is his primary focus. Because the US economy is heavily petroleum based, he has to look to the Middle East again. Most Asian countries love us because we buy their products. The middle east has political issues because we blow their stuff up....a lot. No matter which way you slice it, the Middle East is a more important region.

  • No, President Obama should not focus on Asia in his foreign policy

    President Obama should not focus on Asia in his foreign policy, because he is so incompetent I don't even think he knows how to tie his shoes. Barack Obama is the worst thing to happen to America since Ronald Reagan. I think that Barack Obama should go pick cotten or try to sell crack instead of being president.

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