Should President Obama have golfed with Tiger Woods?

  • Sure, why not?

    When you're president, you can golf with anybody you want and Tiger Woods seems like a really good choice. To my (limited) knowledge, Tiger Woods did not break any laws other than Florida's antiquated and unenforceable adultery laws (not picking on Florida in this case, most states have these laws). Tiger is certainly neither a role model of personal comportment , nor anyone that I would want near either one of my daughters. However, I would not mind playing a round of golf with him.

    As to the notion that the president shouldn't be playing golf when there are so many problems facing the world today, I heartily disagree. I doubt that he gets very much vacation, even when he is on vacation. However, it is in my best interest to have a president who is not completely burned-out, and golf can be very relaxing (or incredibly frustrating!).

  • Yes Obama should have golfed with Tiger Woods

    Yes, I think that it was a decent move for President Obama to go golfing with Tiger Woods. Even though Tiger Woods committed several transgressions of infidelity, I think that it is time to forgive and forget and that Obama did the right thing by golfing with Tiger Woods and moving on.

  • Yes He Should Have

    I do not have a problem with Barack Obama golfing with Tiger Woods and I do not see why anyone else would. Obama golfed with one of the greatest to ever play the game. He's stated that he enjoys golf and probably wanted tips from Tiger like we all want.

  • It's The President's Business Who He Shares His Personal Time With

    It really is no one's business who the President golfs with. Woods did not make good judgement when it came to sexual relations in his marriage, but neither did Bill Clinton and no one seems to have a problem with President Obama spending time with him. If golfing with Woods helps the President better run this country then more power too him!!

  • Yes, President Obama should be allowed to play a round of golf without the scrutiny.

    Yes, President Obama should have golfed with Tiger Woods. While Mr. Woods has not demonstrated an ability to uphold traditional American values regarding respect for his marriage, he may have a long standing friendship with President Obama which is personal. This friendship, and a round of golf, does not affect President Obama’s ability to lead the country, and does not sway his own conviction to his marriage and family. President Obama is a human, too, and should be allowed to enjoy a leisure activity with a friend that is perfectly normal and conservative without being judged harshly by the media. He may have been coaching Mr. Woods on how to recommit to marriage given his own strong marriage and commitment to family.

  • Yes, I Don't See The Controversy

    It's extremely hard to see the scandal here. After all, musicians, writers, and artists are invited for official White House visits all the time. Athletes are routinely invited to. Also, the two met while Obama was on vacation, and who he spends time with his completely his own choice to make.

    Posted by: rpr
  • No Time For Golf!

    President Obama has no time to play golf with Tiger Woods, let alone anyone! With all the problems that we are facing today, I would hope that our president would be more occupied with more important issues that affect all of society. Publicity is only one part of being president. Action is the main priority.

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kensman says2014-05-14T12:00:46.513
Yes, President Obama should be allowed to play a round of golf with Tiger Wood