Should President Obama seek approval from Congress before taking any action on Syria?

  • Syria war topic

    I think that Obama should not make the decision at all and that congress should make it cause the congress is a bunch of men agreeing and disagreeing talking about it. Obama is one man making a descions for 7 billion.. We should at least stop Syria from using chemical warefare then pull out.

  • War powers are unconstitutionally ignored

    I think so. Although presidents have traditionally ignored the war powers clause of the constitution, our republic would be strengthened if presidents were more strictly bound by that clause. America's military dominance tends to lure us into expensive overseas adventures that elicit few benefits. I think the president should be required to seek congressional approval for every non-emergency use of force. POTUS should also be required to provide a bicameral state-of-the-war address every 90 days followed by re-authorization. This would ensure that the causes and goals of military action are well defined and encourage the military to limit action to short term achievements. Long term military actions seldom work out the way we hoped.

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