• Yes, Obama should work harder to rosecute corporate crime

    In today's global climate, the biggest criminals committing the most costly, lasting crimes are the large corporations who hide their profits in offshore accounts to evade paying taxes, as well as big banks who have made a casino roulette table out of capitalism. We need more government regulation to reel in these greedy people.

  • Require Meaningful Accountability

    Senator Elizabeth Warren recently cited 20 cases where the "federal government failed to require meaningful accountability." In many of these 20 cases--all well-documented civil and federal cases--the Department of Justice did not prosecute executives and companies, and instead settled for minimum fines. There must be stricter enforcement of white-collar criminal laws.

  • White Collr Criminals

    The idea that an embezzler should not go to prison for his crime is preposterous. The only difference between one and a common criminal is education. Just because what is happening is more sophisticated than robbing the local gas station does not mean it shouldn't be just as penalized. Catch these crooks, and make it a presidential priority.

  • President Obama is not responsible for everything

    The country has gotten so used to blaming the president for everything, while at the same time expecting him to fix everything. This is the first time in my lifetime that I've seen a president meet with families of slain individuals on the regular to give his support and letting them know the country is behind them. He should not now have to go after corporate criminals. That's why we have the judicial branch of the government, police officers, investigators the SEC, etc. The funny thing is though, this president has held more corporations responsible and recovered billions from them for damages due to fraudulent corporate practices.

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