Should President Obama's uncle have his green card revoked and be deported immediately?

Asked by: bigdave
  • Many reasons to deport

    First off, he falsified his entry visa by stating that he had secured employment in the US when he in fact had no job here. Next, when the immigration people caught up with him 12 years later, he was ordered deported. He then dropped off the radar until his DUI in 2011. Come on people. Open your eyes. This guy violated the law for 12 years plus another 19 years. That is three decades of being an illegal alien. Now multiple that by up to 12 million illegals and that is where we are. This case is a good indication of President Obama;s immigration policy.

  • No, Anyone in This Man's Circumstances Can Legally Remain in the U.S.

    Under United States immigration law, immigrants can stay in the United States
    if they arrived here before 1972 and are of good moral character. President
    Obama’s uncle, Onyango Obama, arrived here in 1963, as a teen. He has
    been in the country ever since, and can stay because his single drunk driving
    conviction does not automatically make him a person of bad character. By
    American law, anyone in similar circumstances can remain.

  • Age and time - Absence of serious conviction - Good Conduct

    It is important to note that the judge decision is not based on this man's relationship with Obama.
    He was asked if he had any relations in USA. This is standard question asked in this type of case.
    The Judge has taken her decision according to:
    - The strict application of the law.
    - 50 years spent in USA, working and paying taxes.
    - The age of the man which would make it more difficult for him to adjust in Kenyan.
    I am not a US Citizen and I do not always appreciate the whole American way of life. But there is something about American: Their democracy is not perfect. But it looks strong and it embedded a strong sense of individuality and humanity. This Judge had applied the law to a particular case concerning one individual. The result is awesome and full of humanity.

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