Should presidential candidates be allowed to pay themselves with campaign money?

  • Yes, but only to make up for money lost while campaigning instead of working.

    While campaigning, it makes sense that a presidential candidate wouldn't have the time to fully commit to their day job. It seems fair to me that they be able to make up for that money with campaign finances. There should be a strict limit to prevent corruption and misuse of the proposed rule, but donors are aware they're paying for the campaign, which includes the time of the person campaigning.

  • Presidential Campaign Money

    Absolutely not. That money should be used for campaign expenses and nothing else. When a candidate dips into that funding for their own private use, the people are more or less paying that candidate's salary to run for office. That is not the intended use of the funding. If you don't have income to support you while you are running for office then you shouldn't be in the running.

  • Slippery slope down

    This is an easy disagree for me. Paying yourself out of campaign funds is such a ludicrous idea. I find it equal to masquerading as a non profit organization and then buying yourself a beamer and a private jet. How does that at all support the essential reason I'm paying you?

  • Presidential candidates should not be allowed to divert campaign money to themselves

    A presidential candidate should not be allowed to use campaign funds to pay themselves. This was given for the specific purpose of running a campaign. Although this may include staffers, a candidate paying himself or herself with these funds creates an inherent conflict. There is a danger a candidate will run merely for access to these funds.

  • Presidential Candidates should use campaign money for campaigns, not salary

    When people donate to campaigns, it is under the assumption that the money will go towards the candidates costs for campaigning (travel, posters, banners, commercials, etc.). If they were allowed to pay themselves with these funds, they could run for office simply with the intent to get rich, without any care of whether they win or not in the election.

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