Should presidential candidates be restricted in the amount of money they can spend on running, to level the playing field?

  • America's Wastful Democracy

    The amount of money candidates are spending is outrageous. As of 2001, presidents make around $400k a year. That is less than 2 million per a term. In 2012, the last presidential election, the candidates spent an estimated 1.7 billion dollars.

    And that's just the presidency. Consider all the money spent yearly on candidacies around the country, from sheriffs to congressmen. While they may not be spending our tax dollars to get elected, that money spent elsewhere could do amazing good.

    If we abolished super-packs and started taxing the companies who fuel them, we could eliminate our deficit within a few years. We could create a surplus that solves all of our problems as a society. Housing for the homeless, better salaries for teachers and education, millions of children fed and educated.

    Elections in this country have become a circus for our entertainment. Televised debates pull in sponsors like sporting events. A little shift in our perspective and we could be saving the Earth instead of racing it to the finish line.

  • Money does not a good president make

    I think that money should be limited so that the playing field can be leveled out a bit. It's not fair to have someone like Donald Trump spending not only campaign money, but his own, to promote himself for president, when you have someone with better morals and experience, though not as rich, who might do a better job.

  • Money Should Not Be Restricted

    Presidential candidates should not be restricted due to the amount of money being spent, instead they need to better their campaign. I agree that the more money you have the more likely you are to have a successful campaign, but that doesn't mean the candidates will have a better advantage. If you hire the right team and marketing crew, your campaign can be as equal as the next guy.

  • Presidential candidates should not face restricted spending limits

    Presidential candidates should not face restrictions on the amount of money they can spend running for office. Although this would seem unfair, doing so will be a violation of the First Amendment by restricting free speech. A better solution would be to have public funding for candidates. This will level the playing field.

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