Should presidential debates ask candidates about the Supreme Court appointments they would make?

  • Yes. This is one of the most important decisions a president can make.

    Presidents can't always change things on their own, because of checks and balances, but appointing Supreme Court justices is one area in which a president can make a huge decision that no one can change. Supreme Court justices serve for life, and they can't be removed. If a president makes a bad appointment, there's nothing that anyone can do about it. The Supreme Court makes huge decisions that can affect everyone, so we need to be certain that the justices are qualified for that role, and we should certainly know if any potential president would make good decisions in that regard.

  • They definitely should

    I think that they definitely should ask them those kinds of questions because it is really important thing for our country and people need to know their leaders opinion on that. I personaly think that that debate would be really interesting and i would definitely watch it and see for whom im gonna vote.

  • Yes, presidential debates should ask candidates about the Supreme Court appointments they would make.

    Presidential debates should ask candidates about the Supreme Court appointments they should make, because it is a big decision. Presidential candidates already talk about other changes they would make to laws and policies, so why not ask them about one more thing they should do - especially for such a hot-button topic as the Supreme Court.

  • No, they wouldn't or shouldn't be able to tell you that yet

    In order to choose a Supreme Court judge there should be long, deliberate all encompassing thought. This is an appointment to the bench for life and should not be taken lightly. The candidates at this point would not be able to give any good answers to the question because they are senators, governors, businessmen etc and have not had to tackle anything like this. They would need to form a team of advisers and do background checks on anyone they would appoint. This is also something that should be done behind closed doors.

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