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  • Because Why Not

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  • It's JUST CRAZY!@!!!!!

    Never do this. IT is bad. This is so stupid. I am just a person off the streets who does not research my opinions before I say them. Can you believe this stuff about term limits? It's just crazy. Presidents are so stupid. I am too. Because I don't know anything. I am very pretty.

  • Too Much Campaigning

    If Americans feel that the president is good enough for a third or fourth term, then we should allow him/her to run. Personally, I feel like a president should be allowed to keep office for 6 year terms because 4 years is too short to show I their programs work. You then have presidents campaigning in office the first term and a lame duck in his second. Obviously the political system we have is not working or effective and we should do something about it besides complaining.

  • Yes, Presidential term limits should be revised down to one term.

    Presidential term limits should be revised to a maximum of one term. Far too much money is made available to incumbent candidates, and far too much influence is being placed on the incumbent candidate. By revising the term limit down to a single term, perhaps we would have a more transparency in our government, and far less outside big money interest controlling the White House.

  • Yes, presidential term limits should be revised.

    Presidential term limits should be revised simply because they remove freedom of choice from the voters - if the public wants to elect someone for the next 24 years, why should some arbitrary limit stop them? Another good reason for removing them is that 2 terms might not be enough time to accomplish some meaningful policy changes.

  • No ideas thank you.

    I think that term limits should not be revised because term limits give the United States citizens a more active role in choosing there leaders. If there were no term limits people will get tired of hearing the same ideas every year. Instead people would like to hear new, fresh ideas from new candidates.

  • Presidential term limits should not be revised.

    The current system for presidential term limits makes sense. A president should be able to run for two terms because this is enough time to make a lot of changes in the government and to help pass a lot of laws. More than two terms, however, would be too much power for one person.

  • Too much power

    In the case of a bad President like Obama, a third term is disasterous for
    America. Come on folks wake up before the "Cool Aid" comes out! He already
    ran up the debt more than any other President, is arrogant and a "BULLY". Come on, he still blames the Republicans for everything and takes NO responsibilty.

  • No, Presidential Term Limits Should Not be Revised

    It seems impossible that anyone could effectively rule in the high pressure position of president for more than 8 years. Additionally, there's a huge amount of inertia on voters part when it comes to electing a president and this removes that to an extent. For checks and balances on power, the term limits are necessary as well.

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