Should presidents be able to use tax money to take vacations during their presidency?

Asked by: ashleynitchals
  • Yes the should

    Assuming tax payer money actually goes to pay their salary then yes they can. At the point it becomes personal income we have no ability or right to tell a president what they can or can not spend their money on. A president is the same as any other profession, and is under the same laws and restrictions as any other job. Personal income is personal, they can do with it what they please.

  • YES yes yes

    We the people by the majority elect our president's in a free and democratic process. We pay their salary with tax dollars. They are not CEO's of private companies nor should they be compared as such. What they do with their own salary is entirely up to them. None of our business. People not educated on what we do/don't pay for need only look it up!

    Posted by: kfaz
  • This isn't even right

    Presidents don't use tax payer money for vacations. They use either accrued wealth or their "salary". Also, in order to even get a vacation they have to jump through a ridiculous amount of hoops. They are always on call and the only tax payer money they receive to freely spend is their home improvement budget. Every four years the new or incumbent president receives $100,000 to change the White House as they see fit. Usually used for couches and curtains, but sometimes presidents will put in creature comforts. Obama put in a basketball hoop while two other presidents out in an outside and inside swimming pool, first inside then outside.

  • Presidents don't get days off till they are former presidents.

    The Idea that the president any president regardless of party does not carry the office of president and the inherent responsibilities of governing with them is ludicrous. Bush spent most of his time in Crawford Obama spends time in Hawaii, Clinton in an interns pants.... Who cares! As long as they are available to make decisions when they are presented everything is fine.

    People making choices of such importance need to have winding down time and the illusion of normalcy if only because of the setting they chose. With nearly ever word and action recorded somewhere its amazing that they are able to even stay sane. If Obama decided to pull a hiking the ol'e Appalachian trail Mark Stanford style tomorrow saying he was going on vacation with his own money and please leave him alone for the weekend he would be impeached by the time he returned for abandoning the government. Presidents do not have the option of stepping out for a bit , personal time, sick leave etc. Playing a round of gulf during the day is not a vacation, its winding down from being on call 24 hrs a day 365 a year and unlike the other golfers your caddy has the launch codes.

  • They don't Use Tax Payer Money.

    This is another question that shows extreme ignorance.

    No President has every taken a vacation that is free. Most Presidents were millionaires before becoming President. Presidents must pay for their vacations out of their salary or other personal funds. Many Presidents have taken vacation at mansions they own, e.G., the Bush mansion on Walker’s Point on the Atlantic Ocean in Kennebunkport; the Kennedy Compound in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts.

    Let’s get some facts up-front that applied to all presidents.

    1. Presidents and their families can’t fly on ordinary commercial flights for their vacations because the President needs to be on Air Force One for security reasons, to do his job, etc. He must stay in touch with all members of his cabinet, etc. Air Force One is a huge plane; it cost no more to fly it with the President’s family members. Members of the press core are in one of the rectangular rooms on the plane. Presidents must take an entourage of advisers, Secret Service agents, and reporters – the reporters have to pay for their flights.

    2. The Presidential limousine is flown on a separate plane to wherever the President goes, including on vacation. He must travel in a bullet proof vehicle at all times with lots of security vehicles and secret service agents.

    3. Presidents have to pay for all personal expenses while on vacation including their families’ lodging and food and everything else that is not related to the President’s job. For example, President Obama paid about $50,000 per week for lodging in Martha’s Vineyard, Mass. Most Presidents are already millionaires before they become President, and the annual Presidential salary is $400,000. Presidents can afford very expensive vacations.

    4. President George Bush took the more vacation days than any President since Herbert Hoover and possible more than any President in history with 1,020 days of his eight year term. President Franklin D. Roosevelt who was in office for 12 years 1933-1945, took 958 days.

    As of August 2013, President Obama has taken 92 days of vacation.

    5. Most CEO - Chief Executive Officers of large corporation are eligible to 4 to 5 weeks per year or from 20 to 25 vacation days per year. That is from 80 to 100 days per 4 years - the average is 22 days per year or 88 days in 4 years. So, President Obama has not taken more takes of vacation than most CEOs and Presidents of large corporations.

  • As long as their using their own salary money

    Yes if it's used with their own salary money which is in turn tax payer dollars. If we really had a problem with it then we should make laws regarding how much government elected officials and employees get paid. Why doesn't the Presidents salary ever change? Who determines how much the President gets paid?

  • A presidents salary is from tax money

    A president's salary is tax money and if he is taking vacation within his means, then why not? Regardless of how we feel about the president, we (broadly defined as a large group participating in the democratic process) have elected him and through our democratically elected representatives have agreed to a salary. All of this is tax money. It is common practice and considered rejuvenating, to take vacations in order to come back to work better prepared to do one's job. Whether this is true or not is a matter for another debate. I can't imagine the president taking a vacation that is beyond his salary. Of course if we were paying a special presidential vacation tax that is another matter.

  • Not with taxpayer money

    The taxpayer's money should not be used for personal reaons. If I were the president of a company, I'd bet people would be upset if I used business funds for personal reasons, especially if people keep being laid off like in today's economy. How is using tax money any different?

  • Absolutley not! NO!

    No, because I would love to take a free vacation and still continue to get paid as I am away. Granted I do think the president deserves a break but there should be a limit as to how much they can use and how many times they get a nice vacation!

  • If they don't use tax money as you say, where did Obama get his millions?

    A president earns around $400,000 a year. It's estimated that our current president Obama has used tens of millions on personal vacations. He's taken over 30 vacations in the time he's been in office. I will pay my taxes to pay his salary, not to fund his expensive trips. That is why HE get's a salary, to pay for the things he wants and needs. 400,000 isn't a number to scoff at and he should be grateful for it. Maybe if you think it's ok you should be the one to help him pay for it. I want my money to go to schools and social programs. Infrastructure would be better!

  • Presidents and Officials should set an example!

    The taxpayer's money should not be used for personal reasons. If I were the president of a company, I'd bet everyone would be upset if I used business funds for personal reasons, especially if people keep getting laid off like in today's economy. How is using tax money any different? The Country Officials, All Media Stars and Football players get paid TOO MUCH for what they do for the people! Whileas a teacher, a normal doctor, a construction worker does far more for the public and gets paid such low wages! OUR RESPONSIBILITY Barometer is seriously messed up!

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