• Why not let them?

    Of course Presidents and other people in positions of power should be allowed to drive on public roads. They are still citizens like the rest of us. I think that treating politicians so differently is one of the things that makes people think that they are so detached from the real world.

  • Yes, they should be free to do what they want, within reason.

    Being president of the United States is dangerous these days, so a president driving on a public road could be a risk. However, I think that presidents should be allowed to take that risk if they want. There's a reason we have a succession of people in line to take over as president if the current president dies in office. Let the president live his or her life.

  • Presidents are still citizens of the US

    It is important that presidents maintain some level of contact with the people they are elected to serve. It can be frustrating to navigate roads when a president is in the area, but they should travel the same path as other citizens when crossing the country whenever it is feasible.

  • No, presidents have the most important job

    No. Presidents shouldn't be allowed to drive on public roads. There are several reasons. First and most important is security. As a commander in chief of his/her country president plays the most important role. He makes the decisions that are not always popular. On the contrary, each president sometimes has to take unpopular moves that could endanger his security. In those circumstances it could be very danger for him to drive car on his own. The president's drivers are always training for those situations to react instantly in critical situations. Besides security, there is one more reason why president must not be allowed to drive is concentration. Each president has a tight schedule and he constantly needs to focus on his job. By driving car on his own, that is not possible at all.

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