Should presidents be required to have education in environmental sciences?

Asked by: microvert
  • Yes, I believe a technocrat is needed in politics.

    To many politicians are unwilling to debate the reality of our world and instead use vague simplified debates. While i'll say being required to learn environmental science is going a bit far, I will say they "should" by definition learn amount the modern situations they get elected. Instead of technocrats, we currently get officials who wash their debates down with less-informed policy making. I would argue that political party choices should feel wider and political ideologies narrower as the parties today are "Big Tent" and poorly represent the American peoples views and often cater to simplicity instead of planned actions defined before they get elected.

  • The environment is dying. Yes

    Scientists are the most reasonable people on earth. They know the facts, and they know what is good or bad for the environment. With the growing groups of "flat-earthers" and people who don't believe in global warming, our world leaders need to know how to make the world a healthier ecosystem. Our current president is a buffoon, and it is likely that scientists would not be nearly as ignorant as most politicians.

  • The only requirements should be the constitutional requirements.

    The need for a environmentally inclined president is at an all time high, I can concede that point. It is, however, not necessary to formulate arbitrary prerequisites for candidacy for the presidency merely because you believe an issue to be more important that another. Not only would this exclude many politicians from being able to pursue the presidency, and consequently limiting citizen's options when it comes to other more politicized issue.

  • Don't agree with them? Don't vote for them.

    I personally agree we need to work on our environmental policies. However, if you do not agree with a candidate based on their knowledge of certain subjects, don't vote for them. And if the candidate you did not want to win still wins, respectfully accept the result of the election. Scientists are not the most reasonable people on earth as science is based on and revolves around facts, not opinions and feelings. I agree that facts don't care about your feelings, word the Ben Shapiro but while scientist may be some of the most intelligent and knowledgeable, they are not always the most wise and reasonable

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