Should press be free nof comercials, And make money only from the press consumers?

Asked by: AdrianIspas
  • Yes, Press should be loyal to consumers not to those paying for comercials

    In Romania, And I'm shure in many other parts of the world too, Press is controled by oligarchs trought comercials. They make or intermediate advertising contracts with the press, And the press is loyal to them. . Because they are the ones who pay. . . Press used to be the guardian dog of democracy and today is no more, Due to this fact - press is controlled through comercials. You will probably say : Ok for written press is easy but what about television? The answer is simple, Television should work as HBO does, With payed subscriptions.

  • Not Possible Under Current Framework

    News agencies need some sort of material in-flow to be able to do the work that they do, And we live in a day and age where people still consume news, But are less willing to pay for it than ever before. Advertisers provide a source of income to the press that consumers simply do not, And until we reach a point in our societal evolution where we can do things without worrying about whether they are "profitable" or not, That is the way things will likely remain.

  • It should be but it can never be

    Do you pay for newspapers? How many subscriptions to the news do you own?
    Chances are that you might have one news subscription but more than likely you read more free news than paying for news. Its usually 1$ a month and that is only 12$ a year.
    They have to pay news reporters salaries and pay editors and people who work behind the scenes. Property taxes and pay for a lot of equipment.
    They have no choice but to allow ads and have some rich people own them.
    You have independent reports that give the news for free but they themselves have living expenses and most people are cheap. They expect news to be free and do not like paying for their news.

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