Should prestigious colleges/universities accept students based on sport accomplishment?

Asked by: perfectjfl
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  • Colleges are not focused on sports.

    If you want to play profession sports like futbol or something than go to a club's training academy, not to a college. College is where people go to learn, not to play sports. There are scholars waiting to get in yet less academically qualified players get in instead. It is very unfair to them and should be avoided.

  • Colleges are for education.

    I believe in we can do whatever we want in a capitalist society. However, it's very unethical for schools to accept students based on their sports accomplishment. Yes, sports can bring money and reputation to the schools, but it's unfair for those who actually have the academic credentials and qualifications to get rejected because a less-academically-qualified athlete is taking over his/her spot. I believe that we should have a separate kind of institutions for sports and preserve the colleges/universities for educational purpose ONLY. Educational institutions simply shouldn't admit students based on their athletic accomplishments for money and reputation.

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