• It is about more than celebrating our sexuality.

    It's about remembering all the people who helped us get here. It's about remembering all the hard times people went through before they were free to love who they want and be who they are. It's about expressing our freedoms and being grateful for all the things that lead up to this point.

    It is NOT about shaming heterosexuality. If anything, It welcomes everyone to celebrate with us, To share our excitement that we CAN celebrate, That we CAN be proud of who we are. It is a celebration of hope, Remembrance, And comradery that everyone can share.

  • Without Representation, We Wouldn't Get Rights

    Pride is a celebration of how far we have come as a community, And to acknowledge what we need to do next. In pride, I can be assured that I am valid, That there are other people like me. Straight people should have no say in whether Pride should or should not happen, Because it doesn't concern them. I need pride because without it, The world feels unbearably alone.

    And because we are gay and proud does not mean we are, "shoving it down your throat". Straight people have been represented for hundreds of years, And have never been discriminated against. Straight people are always getting away with PDA, And random conversations about their significant others, But when it's a queer person, Then they are shoving it down your throat. If anything, Straight Pride shouldn't be allowed.

  • Pride is a Break Free From Oppression!

    Pride is a Break Free From centuries of oppression! Celebrate freedom for the lgbt community. We need representation to show many young people that they are not alone at all. It is NOT about shaming heterosexuals. If anything, It welcomes everyone to celebrate all walks of love. Love isn't sexuality or perversion.

  • If you feel excluded, Then go to a pride parade.

    Anyone can go to a pride parade. There is no queer police that are standing outside the gates. There are no signs that are basically saying you shouldn't be straight because it is against my religion. Liberal estimates say we are 20% of the population, NOT THE MAJORITY.

    Pride parades exist because we want to remember stonewall and the past and fight for our future. Straight people don't have to worry about getting fired because they got married.

    Lastly, Please for the love of god don't tell me that I shouldn't want a parade that literally anyone can go to.

    Posted by: iDay
  • We have been oppressed and continue to be oppressed for our sexuality

    Do you know where the word "fag**t" came from? It's slang for a cigar. Because gay people used to be rolled up in carpet and BURNED for their sexuality and it resembled a cigar. We have been oppressed for THOUSANDS of years and so we take ONE month to celebrate all that we are and how far we have come.

  • Change is not easy to bring about

    Till now, Being gay was a social taboo, It was widely not accepted, And people were criticized, Made fun of, Embarrassed etc. But now that we are finally open about it and we are accepting it, Something like pride month is needed to get the message out there that being gay is normal, We need to enforce this in order for people to change their mentality. By open talk about the matter, By devoting a month to the cause, We are making an environment where being gay is normal and is accepted. Without such open enforcement, A law might be stand, But people's mentality, Their beliefs would not change and that is the change we need to bring about which is why we need things like pride month.

  • Month Pride Should Definitely be Allowed

    The pride month is needed BECAUSE (and not despite) it's provocative, Sense a major part of its purpose is protesting against the backward world we live in in which two adults can't marry each other because of their gender, And can't adopt because of it. The fact so many people are homophobic, And the amount of western countries in which gay marriage is illegal is the reason pride month is needed.

  • It should be integrated with the whole year.

    It should be a whole year INCLUDING the straights etc because it would make us ( the lgbtq+ community) feel more accepted etc. One month in my opinion is not enough as we don't feel accepted or encouraged to be ourselves the rest of the year. I hope that this will help you understand why it should be the year etc.

  • Life's not all about cishet people

    Having overcome centuries of adversity and outright persecution, The LGBT community more than deserve to take pride in that. There's nothing wrong with being straight, But at no point in history has it been illegal or even frowned upon.
    Celebrate what you are, In the face of those who would denigrate you for it.

  • Free speech is.

    Trammeling free speech is the work of an authoritative state that has no problem walking over its citizens in the name of "my truth". Of course pride month should be "allowed". The question states nothing about weather or not you agree with the general standards of the movement. Free speech is more important than your desire to destroy the things you do not like. I agree with some of the statements said by people who said no but there are all (at the time of writing this) irrelevant to the question (unless you are implying that you should decide what speech is free). This also applies to all of the those that said yes (again, At the moment of writing this). Did anyone read the question?

  • The LGBT is hetrophobic so they basically get a WHOLE month bashing straight people. So much for "tolerance"

    Pride month is literally a ENTIRE month dedicated to hetrophobia. It's actually funny to see these people get so scared at straight people. Also the LGBT discriminates against the disabled too ONLY if your straight which is also funny because these are normal functioning people who never realize what being disabled is like they just use it as more ammunition just to hate straight people even more.

  • They want to be treated equally. Making a scene doesn't help.

    If they want equal rights as straight people, They should live their lives normally. By having a whole month dedicated to them, They are just creating a scene(major issue). There will be no criticism if there is no major issue. Straight people don't walk around the city holding flags, Nor do we go around telling people that we are straight. And the same thing should apply to the LGBT community.

  • Not for the country.

    I could care less if a town with a thriving LGBTQ community wants to have them represented. Let them have a float in a local parade or even a parade of their own if there is enough local contributions. My issue is forcing any type of identity politics on anyone. For instance, I grew up in a mostly Dutch and German part of the country so we tend to have events like Volksfest and Oktoberfest that would not be relevant in areas with few people of German decent and may even be seen as insulting in Jewish communities. The same would be the case for Pride events in areas with very few LGBTQ people and could be considered offensive by some highly religious communities.

    Personally, I don't care for the word "Pride" being associated with LGBTQ. Not because I think they should be shamed but because it implies that being LGBTQ is something to be proud about. Like it is some accomplishment. It also implies that those who are not LGBTQ should be ashamed (lacking pride).

  • No you dumb sjws

    You people aren't opressed much and sexuality isnt some agenda you push on kids or anything its a personal choice and nothing to be proud of. No one cares at all. Our kids don't need to grow up learning about LGBT and treating you people specially. What happened to equality? Just the facts.

  • No definitely not

    LGBTP identifying individuals are utterly disgusting. Apparently it's acceptable to parade around naked and sexualise children now. Hell it's not even acceptable it's something to be proud of, To the point there is a whole month dedicated to being proud of the filthy sub-human you are.
    We need to stop this madness now!

  • No, It discriminates against the heterosexuals that bear the responsibility for populating the earth.

    Tolerating subhuman coloreds has allowed the social collective to tolerate the mentally ill and degenerates that they corrupt and infect with inhuman ideologies. The 13th, 14th and 15th amendments lowered the standards of American values and look what it created; rap music, Overpaid athlete entertainers, A criminal and welfare state of inferior subhuman shitspawn, And humans that deny their gender and science and religion and logic, Etc

  • There is nothing to be proud about

    LGBT+ people have nothing to be proud about the founding members of their movement were pedophiles, They contribute nothing to society, They spread diseases, They abuse more children than heterosexuals even though there are far more heterosexuals then homosexuals, It goes against the Gods of not only Christianit but Islam as well

  • No because they didn't do anything to sacrifice

    Hear me out, They did something for their community, Not others. Veterans need a month, Not just days, They fought for the better of the world, Like in Vietnam, Operation Desert Storm, As well as WW1&WW2, They fought to help other countries, Not just America. Who did the LGBTQ community help? Themselves, Not others, To be fair, They hurt more than they have helped, By trashing streets, Destroying careers by making false allegations and supporting hurtful organizations. If anything there should be a shame month for them because of all the damage they have done. Yes, That may sound homophobic but listen, I don't have a problem with every LGBTQ member, Just the ones who have messed up others lifes, Which is normally supported by the community. I'm not homophobic, Just someone who wants people to understand that the LGBTQ community aren't really pushing acceptance, But more "any other opinion than me is not ok".

  • I have nothing against being gay.

    Although i do not want to have it pushed in my face all the time. Being gay is a sexual preference, Its not a race, Religion, Or lifestyle. So i do not want to see gay pride everywhere i go. Just because i do not support everything gay pride does, It does not make me homophobic. If you are going to be gay, Be great at being gay, But do not force it on the world. Being gay is a sexual preference meaning the only difference between me and you is what we do behind closed doors. Key word behind. So why do you need to be accepted by the whole world for what you do in privacy. It shouldn't be anyones business anyway.

  • They Just Want To Be Seen As Everyday Normal People

    IF most people whos support pride say that they want to be seen as normal people and be seen no differently to other people in society now they want a whole month to see that they are different, Shouldn't there be a straight month as well.

    In conclusion, I think that although they should be seen as ordinary people, That they should be a day when people were allowed to be gay also, No Homo.

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