• This Question Is Both Ignorant & Bigoted!

    To say the very least. The vast majority of men who go into the priesthood are good and decent people, Who would never, Ever harm anybody, Let alone a child! Sexual abuse of minors is actually higher in other institutions, Both religious and secular alike, Than in the Catholic Church. Priests are very caring men.

  • Of course, A truly honest priest should

    I think that if a priest does as his job demands of him and acts as a good human being of course he should be allowed however due to past situations we need to have a serious look at the culture within churches and stop allowing situations where a child might be hurt.

  • Priest and boyscouts are bad for children

    Cathloics schools and boy scouts are just bad for children. It is just like a family where the dad abuses his children. The non molested children will say I had a great childhood my dad was not a monster he was a cool dad. And the victim will be the one who knew the truth.
    You might have had find memories of boy scout camp and catholic school but the victims knew the truth.
    You were fortunate to be an ugly boy

  • No they should not

    There are way too many priest pedos in the church. Should not be allowed near children or they might touch. We should protect children from getting touched by a likely pedo I think we can all agree. Children should also be taught to stay away from priests grabbing their butt

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