• Yes they should.

    As with other religions the priest of the church should be required to be celibate as the dedicate their whole life to God. By allowing them to marry and have sex they are breaking the sainthood of those who are suppose to be fallowing a greater path such as nuns and other clergy.

  • No, there is no biblical basis for compulsory celibacy in the Bible.

    The Bible which is the main source of authority for all mainstream Christian denominations does not say anything about compulsory celibacy for Christian leaders. Although Apostle Paul said that it would be better to be celibate for effective ministry, he strongly warned against anyone deciding to be celibate without control for his sexual urges and desires. In fact, in his epistle to Timothy, he says that ministers should be husbands of one wife and warned against banning marriages for church leaders. Voluntary celibacy is acceptable according to the Scriptures but compulsory celibacy is prohibited.

  • Priestly celibacy is a major threat to the Catholic Church

    The catholic church is an institution built on tradition, but it must adapt to changing circumstances. The requirement that priests be celibate does not come from any bible verse or edict of Jesus, but rather was put in place by the men who ran the church thousands of years ago to address issues they had to face then. We do not face the same issues today; other religions allow their priests to marry, and they are doing fine. The catholic church has an opportunity to make an important and much needed change.

  • By order of religion

    The final word on whether priests need to be celibate or not must come down from church doctrine. Priests of different religions have different standards, and it is all dependent on the religion they are part of to make this decision. Otherwise it is completely irrelevant whether they are or are not.

  • No, celibacy should be a personal choice not a demanded requirement.

    I feel priests should be allowed to choose to take a vow of celibacy. Refusal to do so should not mean that they are no longer qualified to serve in the clergy. I feel that many of the controversial stories that are surfacing may be a result of forcing people to ignore and fight against natural urges. The vow of celibacy is not the actual problem, but rather, many priests feel pressured to take a vow that they may or may not be able to adhere to.

  • It doesn't make any sense at all.

    My argument is simple so I will say it many times.

    A person should never be bound by who they are.
    A person should never be bound by who they are.
    A person should never be bound by who they are.
    A person should never be bound by who they are.

  • No they should not.

    I'm not really sure how it's biblical to require priests to be celibate when under requirements for a pastor it says "husband of one wife." It seems that it only causes more harm than good to put these kind of restrictions on the priesthood that do not seem biblical. I think there are better reasons to require them to be married than to be celibate.

  • It is a natural thing to do

    It is natural to have sex so fighting those urges can be very difficult and in a way be like going against god.
    As sex is an important part of a relationship not doing it would mean that not only is the priest going to suffer but they will find it hard to have a long lasting relationship.

  • Not at all

    No, I think that it makes them do a lot of bad things later on, or in their private lives when they are not allowed to have sex. This is why they have a whole lot of trouble with them and little kids and things that are in that nature.

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