Should Prince Harry be forgiven for his mistakes?

  • Yes he should

    Everybody has the right to be forgiven. If he wasn't a prince and was normal he wouldn't have to deal with the media making his mistakes worse. If he was a commoner he wouldn't be in any trouble for this. People need to realize they deserve a chance to have a normal life and people should stop judging.

  • Yes, he should be forgiven

    Prince Henry, though living a life of privilege, is still human. As we all know, humans make mistakes. He may have more money than most of us, and a title of "royalty", but this does not make him any different from us in the way of human nature. As such, he should be forgiven.

  • Yes

    Prince Harry, though well privileged, is still a person. As we all know, people make mistakes. Some people should answer for their mistakes, in the form of punishment. However, it is only necessary when the mistake has caused harm to themselves or others. In this case, no harm was caused, so no direct punishment should be given. He should be absolved of his mistakes.

  • Yes

    Prince Harry hasn't done anything to cause harm to people or done anything to offend, either. All he did was have fun - maybe a bit too much - and happen to get caught having his fun. Any other young adult wouldn't have these things held against them so harshly. It's true that Prince Harry does have an image to uphold but we can't fault him for wanting to enjoy his youth.

  • Yes, He Should

    Price Harry had a turbulent childhood. As with any young person, he made a number of boneheaded mistakes as he grew up. With that being said, he has grown up to be a fine and upstanding young man. He serves his country and is an officer in the military. He should be forgiven.

  • Regular People Wouldn't Get That Chance

    We need to stop treating these 'royalty' as if they were more special in some way. They are just normal people who happen to have tons and tons more money than the rest of us. Just because people are rich and famous does not mean they deserve more than the average. Prince Harry just needs to accept that some of his mistakes will stay with him for the rest of his life.

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