• Yes they should

    They should be allowed to vote because they are still part of society. Okay so yes they broke the law but if they get to vote and give their opinion then they will feel that they are part of the community. I just think that its not all that fair for some people to be excluded from voting. Also in the constitution it says that everyone has equal rights so if we don't allow prisoners to vote then we are breaking the constitution.

  • No way should prisoners vote!

    Anybody above the age of eighteen is allowed to vote, right? Everybody younger than that hasn't done anything wrong, they're just too irresponsible to vote. Well, I think that prisoners are way more irresponsible than seventeen year olds. They have proved it.
    Take my word for it, prisoners should NOT vote!

  • Yes, they should.

    Prisoners are under the care of the government and so should possibly have more of a right to vote than people OUTSIDE of prisons. Why should we take away their right to decide who cares for them? Would you like it if you were put into care by other people and treated horribly because people who you don't know are thinking selfishly?

  • People need to stop thinking about themselves

    Of course prisoners should have the right to vote! A convicted criminal or not, they are still members of our society. To say they no longer deserve a voice is not only inconsiderate but selfish. Give me one good reason why prisoners shouldn't be able to vote? I guarantee ever answer will be an selfish excuse. Just because their opinion may not align with yours, doesn't mean that it should be stripped from them. Prisoners are put under the protection of the government and therefore have the full right to be able to have a say on who protects them.

  • Prisoners should get the vote

    Because we are all human and as we are all human we are born with human rights. I think just because one has committed an act that is against the law, that should not mean you are denied the right to vote, you are already denied freedom so why make it worse and make it so you cannot vote as well?

  • Yes, the majority of them should!

    When a person partying at night gets drunk and gets in a bar brawl, what happens? Is his driving license confiscated by the state? No! He gets charged according to the crime that he has committed! So if that is the case, then why can't prisoners vote? Most of the prisoners have not committed electoral offenses, so why should they be punished differently? A person should only be punished on the nature of the crime. Yes, a rapist or a murder or a psychopath or a pedophile is definitely a person with less than sound judgement, but the case remains that their offenses, however heinous they might be, are not related to the electoral process at all! So why can't they vote?

  • They should be able to vote

    One of the mains functions of prison is to rehabilitate prisoners who have done crimes in the past and to allow them to be functioning members of society. Not allowing them to vote would alienate these criminals from society and thus not allow them to become functioning members of society.

  • Yes they should!

    The argument that they have done bad to society so they shouldn't vote is invalid because voting is a right and taking away a right is simply breaking the constitution. Also, the prisoners feel they are robbed of their rights and that they don’t get to express their political opinion, so why not let them vote it how would it possibly hurt anyone.

  • YES They Should!!!!!!

    Some are good they just made a mistake, so why shouldn't they decide on their future when they come out?
    If they don't vote it would be very unfair. After all, they are human no matter what they have done they are still British citizens. They have human rights and two wrongs doesn't make a right! If you do let them vote, when they come out they will probably not commit to a crime or break the law because they respect their prime minister! They have their rights and we have ours too! They should because its like saying you cant play this board game because you cheated in one 10 years ago!

  • YES

    In regards to the person's statement saying "they broke the law, therefore they don't deserve the law" argument... if that is the case, do you suggest that we don't provide them with lawyers, judges, jury, etc. in which to try and convict them? Your argument suggests that we should simply throw people in jail, swallow the key, and let them rot. This, while these people may violated human rights and law, deserve the equal right to be judged under our culturally unique system of law... and pay for their crimes dearly.

  • Trump is running for presidnet

    He is a criminal we don't want him voting. Donald trump is a man who wants wall. He thinks wall is good idea. I have heard better ideas from Obama. And that is impressive. Trump is the worst thing to happen to this country since Hitler in world war 2.

  • No way! I dont want some criminal low life voting for my rights.

    They are in prison, they could be a rapist, murderer, physcopath, pedo, and you think it is okay for them to vote..I see how they might vote for the better of society but they more than likely wouldnt. They are bad people, and would only want to harm society. They dont care about you, only themselves

  • Its there fault there in there

    Why should we have to put up with there votes when they where the ones who did wrong in the first place. I think the should not get to vote there thieves who did something wrong and should pay the consciences for there actions. If there was to be voting it should be allowed to the people who deserve it. Low risk inmates

  • Prisoners Shouldn't Vote!!!

    We already have many examples in society where we don't "treat people equally" based on age, medical conditions, gender, etc. For example... Marriage. The government has laws setting out who I can and can't marry. I can't marry that is already married, I can't marry my relative, I can't marry someone under a certain age, I can't marry multiple people, etc, etc. So people have restrictions regarding marriage.

    We also have restrictions on things like driving and flying... We don't let blind people drive or fly. For the safety of everyone else, we put restrictions on those activities.

    In the same way we put restrictions on prisoners. Knowing that if you have 10 people you probably have 10 different views. Some very liberal all the way to some very conservative. So if I were a prisoner and given the right to vote... Would I vote for the VERY liberal candidate (who is more likely to treat me better) or would I vote for the more conservative candidate, (who would be more strict)... Any one being honest with themselves knows that answer... The liberal. I gave a silly example to help my daughter understand this... Would I vote for a candidate who would pass laws that allowed 20 foot fences with razor wire and electrified or would I vote for the candidate that would only build a small 6 foot fence. So to give them voting rights would allow them to impact not just their treatment, but ALL the laws governing their imprisonment. The more relaxed the laws are the greater the risk to the general public... i.e. greater chance of parole, early release, or even escape.

  • Prisoners asks for bribe rather than rights

    Prisoners are being bribe by the politicians in order for them to win the election via voting. If we give them rights, then how should we give wise votes or good decision in voting the right politician who will protect us from danger if the prisoners don't vote for the truth?

  • They Gave Up Their Right To Vote!

    If a person optionally chooses to commit a crime, they are branding themselves criminals. Criminals should not be allowed to vote. It's as simple as that. Why should the leaders of a democracy be partly chosen by those who would seek to ruin and harm those around them? A democracy does not function as a democracy when the troublemakers are making the decisions.

  • No information about constestants

    This people we are talking about are in the prison and don't have access to information, how will the vote for somebody they don't know, and they can end up voting for the wrong person,if prisoners are allowed to vote their decision will be influenced, they can all decide to vote for a particular person, and if one person doesn't, this can lead to hatred and violence

  • No information about constestants

    This people we are talking about are in the prison and don't have access to information, how will the vote for somebody they don't know, and they can end up voting for the wrong person,if prisoners are allowed to vote their decision will be influenced, they can all decide to vote for a particular person, and if one person doesn't, this can lead to hatred and violence

  • Prisoners voting for us

    No no they have broken the law I do not want them voting for our rights.We have not broken the law and yet they get to vote.What if they are sentenced for 8years so there vote wouldn't matter but it does matter to us. If someone is changing there prison then they can.

  • We don't let mentally disabled vote!

    We don't let mentally disabled people vote because we can't trust their judgement. Why would we let people who have gone and broken the laws. These people have gone above and beyond to the point of prison because of the laws they broke. These people don't care about the laws so why should we let them vote on the people who make the laws?

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