• Prisoners should definitely work.

    These men and women have committed crimes, but are currently being held in taxpayers funded facilities for as long as their term is. Why not use these people as labor to reimburse us? In addition to providing labor, working could give people a chance to redeem themselves, and possibly find a new calling. It's not fair to call it slave labor, for these people are (most of the time) in prison for a legit reason. So instead of simply letting them, and our money, rot, why not get something out of it?

  • They need to pay like we do

    According to National Association of State Budget Officers (NASBO) all states put together spend 1 trillion tax dollars total. This 1 trillion dollars in taxes goes to health care, transportation, k-12 education, higher education, assisting the poor, and Prisons. Prisons take about 5% or $50 billion dollars of that 1 trillion in tax that we pay. The problem is that assisting the poor is only 1% or 10 billion dollars of that 1 trillion. So it is better for a poor person to go to jail than to get government assistance. Is there something wrong that? And Transportation is also 5% or 50 billion of the 1 trillion dollars. Our roads and bridges are falling apart, but we only have enough money to patch them up. This is a safety problem to all citizen. Is this wrong? With just a little more money our poor could be better or our roads could be better. Who needs that money the most the tax paying worker or the prisoners who sit there while we pay? Another way that our roads could be fix and the poor could be help is to raise gas tax or other taxes. But who would that hurt? The productive citizens. So the answer is clear, lets make the prison work like the rest of us and pay their own taxes.

  • Performing simple tasks would be best

    Although it sounds allot like what the soviets did. Having prisoners perform SIMPLE labor (i.E. Picking up trash, cleaning parks, lifting heavy things, digging holes, smashing rocks, demolishing buildings, re-planting/re-foresting environmentally damaged areas etc...) would not impact the job market too much (unless we make them all cash-registers, clerks, construction jobs ect...). It would serve as rehab and working for private industry being paid min (or less) wage would not only help them pay for themselves, but also help them use up time without having to pay for MORE expensive rehab or other provisions.

    Yes accidents may happen, but this will be very beneficial to infrastructure and will help the prisoners by giving them psychical activity and "occupational therapy".

  • Them working will benefit everyone

    Prisoners should work to generate their own costs of being in prison (aka lodging, clothes, foods, etc) so it reduces tax payer's burden. In some states, tax increase to fund increasing costs of prison caused a new legislation to free some of the prisoners before serving their terms thereby endangering the public in a way. There are political issues with government projects requiring money. By being self subsidized from works by prisoners, state prisons can stay out of political battles so that it benefits the public and the state can use more money on education, public safety, health and various areas.

    For prisoners, working in areas of their interest will help them mentally and also will give them an opportunity to develop skill sets for when they get out. Government should tightly control how this labor is utilized so that it does not negatively affect the economy. One example would be to have them work on government owned facilities, cleaning state parks, and other areas. Obviously, being in a prison is not a place for job training so there will be limited areas of work and balancing the productivity and incentives become another issue. We need experts to figure out details in implementing this system.

  • They owe the general public.

    Prisoners have committed crimes and owe society. The average prisoner costs between $30,000 to $40,000 and they should have to work for that money, taxpayers shouldn't be paying to help people who have crippled and hurt our society. People should keep their money and make prisoners work for their own food and lodging.

  • Make em work

    Yeah, sure they dont need to work for corporations to make them rich
    Instead these people should work to grow their own food, there should be no luxuries from the outside world (no commissory or tv etc) and be billed for incremental expenses as a result of them being there

  • Forced labor is the only real punishment for committed crimes

    Life in prison with roof over your head, warm cell, food , free healthcare, activities and often some form of entertainment all paid by someone else is a reward not a punishment. I have no doubt that the society as a whole would be much better off if it didn't have to carry this heavy load . Make them work for the cost of their imprisonment !

  • Work as rehabilitation

    Work can provide a sense of self-worth. I think the prisoners can bank the money the earn while in prison to have money to get a start on their release. They could earn a decent wage, but some of the money must be used to pay for their meals, accommodation and supervision. Regulations and rules could be put in place to ensure the work done is for the government or community so issues of slave labour and profiteering could be addressed.

  • YES why not?

    Yes prisoners should be forced to work. If you think about it they are just relaxing kicked back in prison while are tax dollars are paying for their healthcare/dental care and so on, While some hard working good action citizens don't get squat? They should make them pave roads pick up trash like in the 40's put them to good use.

  • Of course they should.

    Why should prisoners get off easy? I definitely think prisoners should work. I actually prefer if they did hard labor. You did the crime, now do the time. They shouldn't just be able to hang around and work out. It isn't fair. They should do the work, that nobody wants. The harder, the better. The messier, the better.

  • They are in prison for a reason!!!

    If they go to prison, they are supposed to be in prison!! Not out and about socialising and having fun!! If they get loose then they are out in the public and pose a severe threat to anyone who could help them. They could be in prison for murder and you would

  • Danger to community

    Having prisoners working in public is a bad idea. They are a danger to the community and the could harm themselves or other people. Criminals could lash out causing lots of panic. This would cause the public to be scared and insecure when near the prisoners working in public. Thankyou

  • Yess they should

    They should because as taxpayers we pay for inmates to sit on there lazy bums all day when they could be out helping the community. It is stupid to pay money on lazy people. Its like paying money to watch your brother lay on the couch for 2 days straight. Pointless.

  • Danger to the community

    They shouldn't work in public, what about the murders, pedophiles and rapists? There dangerous and a danger to our society. For starters we should not have to put up with being stalked or raped. Letting them work in public could lead to escaping and more riots. If you let the prisoners out, then your letting more people feel insecure and scared. The citizens are safer when criminals are behind bars. We should be living in an environment where we don't have to worry about being murdered, raped or stalked. Their a danger to society!

  • No because they should be in jail

    They should be in jail because they committed the crime so they have to pay the time. It doesn't help anyone and more often than not its freaks the public out, as no-one know what they will do. W e y h j g jog gbh hjjnhnjnbb. No h h

  • They should work

    Prisoners use tax paid by citizens to stay in prison. This is not logical. Having them work is better for society and themselves. However they should not be paid as that would require them to be given a way to expend their money. They should do simple jobs to make sure they are not taking away other rightful citizens jobs. There should also be a way they can get out of prison faster for the work they have done. However this should only be done if the prisons are considered to be 'safe' to the society

  • No they shouldnt

    Because Prisoners need a full recovery before heading back into the free society and if they are working everyday they wont get the chance to recover.
    Because Prisoners need a full recovery before heading back into the free society and if they are working everyday they wont get the chance to recover

  • No, we shouldn't.

    If governments know that they can get cheap labour from prison workers, it will lead them to make laws harsher, so as to incarcerate more people to fund these works, which would lead to higher populations in prisons. This would not be good for free citizens, and would have a negative effect on our society.

  • No, prison 'slave' labor reduces wages for everyone.

    I have thought about this in the past. I have arrived to the conclusion that using prisoner slave labor results in depressed wages and and reduced supply of work available for job seekers. If we use Prisoners for labor, then they should be paid fair market value for their work, perhaps less living accommodations.

  • No, Because they

    Should not be able to work because they are in jail as a punishment. They should be bored out of their mind and be thinking of what they did to deserve sitting in jail. If it helps teach kids with a timeout it could help teach adults with jail time such as a timeout.

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