• Forgiveness is a sign of Civilisation.

    Under the right circumstances, we are all capable of the most heinous crimes. To employ a good vs evil dichotomy is unhelpful here. By and large criminals are driven to crime due to a bad hand in life, be t poor education, poor parenting, abuse, poor role models, mental health issues, drug addictions etc. Rehabilitation and reintegration into society is important and civilised. Let us never throw another human being onto the proverbial dust heap. With the right help, people can leave crime behind them.

  • Everyone should get second chance!

    Everyone did mistake, So we should give them second chance to change their minds. However, We shouldn't give them more than second chance because people in the prison system are just going to go back out into our society and take advantage of our "second chance" mindset. So, Everyone should have second chance!

  • Would you not give a loved one a second chance?

    From the beginning of our life we are always taught that we need to learn from our mistakes. Why should we think any different when it comes to crime? We would always let our love ones have a second chance, so think about it like this, every person who has committed a crime is loved by someone. By us hurting them for them hurting us is barbaric because there will always be hate in the world with people wanting to hurt someone for what they have done. It's an endless cycle that can only break with us forgiving the criminal and giving them a second chance.

  • Why not a second chance be given?

    If the person has done a crime for self defence he could be forgiven
    or otherwise their are many circumstances to forgive a person found guilty for a crime. President has the power to forgive a person.
    If a person had done a very small crime he could be forgiven.

  • Some stuff they have a heart for

    They saved a police officer in a prison. The officer was having a heart attack so the prisoners tried to get the cell door open which opened and then tried to call for help. I think when the prisoners tried to save the officers life, i think they deserve a second chance

  • Absolutley they should have a second chance

    For example, I know someone who had a serious drug problem from their early teen years to the age of 23. Eventually, they were convicted of a class-6 felony the lowest felony in Virginia (almost a misdemeanor). After they served their 10 month sentence in jail; they came out stayed clean, went back to school, and gave back to the community big time. This individual now has a 4.0 GPA in college and is trying to become a clinical psychologist. If the person shows proof of rehabilitation why should we keep them pursing goals for the rest of their life. Especially if they committed a crime before the age of 25. Allowing them to do nothing only makes the recidivism rate ridiculously high in our country.

  • Even criminals should get to have a second chance!

    People get punished to think one more time about what they did wrong and why they shouldn’t do it. After that, they would try not to do it. The punishment exists to help the person to be a better character. In the prison, the police educate the criminals so they won’t do it again, offering an another chance to be a nice person when they become released. On the other hand, there is no meaning of punishing if they are lynched.

  • God would agree

    God created us to play and love each other, not to kill each other. Hence, don't know which stupid guy came out with this law idea, which made people commit crime. Everyone in their lives deserves a second chance, if it was god, I think he would have agreed to this

  • Have you never made a mistake?

    Anyone that can sit here and say they've NEVER made a mistake is full of ish... Point blank PERIOD! Not everyone in prison is there for a horrid crime, and certainly shouldn't be punished as if they have committed the worst crime on Earth. When you made a mistake, were you forgiven? Did you learn, grow, and steer clear from making that same mistake again? EXACTLY!!!! Some people are actually in fact serving time for crimes that they personally had no physical act in commiting, but we're merely caught up with the wrong people at the wrong time and ended up taking a hard fall for that poor choice of judgement! Some people actually do learn the first time around and truly don't repeat their crimes... They build from the lessons learned, make something of themselves, and go far in life!
    Now on the retro of this, in cases where people blatantly murder or rape willingly with absolutely no remorse for their actions, then I absolutely do not feel they deserve a second chance!

  • Depending on the crime, in most cases yes

    I know that a lot of prisoners have just made mistakes in life, and they deserve to live normal loves after being arrested. That's particularly true if the prisoner has gone through mental difficulties or is genuinely remorseful for what they have done.
    I'd say the prisoners who don't deserve a second chance involve thieves who pre-meditate attacks, child molesters and sociopaths.

  • Keep coming back

    People in the prison system are just going to go back out into our society and take advantage of our "second chance" mindset. If we stiffen sentences and put professional criminals on death row, we will cut back on those who plague our society. Also prisons must be harsher, meaner and harder on criminals to remind them that this is not a place for relaxation. We should bring back the chain gangs and work them to exhaustion. They should not get any "recreational time" and should be unable to socialize. We should also make sure that death row is sped up so we can add new inmates.

  • No second chance

    Every prisoners are not like in stories that they are good from heart but have to do crimes. . . . . They are mostly cruel and have no mercy for people and are connected to criminal activities even in jail. . . And a police officer can retire but a criminal never retires and never forget cheating

  • Everyone has an argument

    I think that people who believe that Criminals can change are almost always wrong because prison is basically a school where minor criminals can go and get educated in the career of crime. I think that it depends on the time they spend in the prison that they can change with flying colours. But with that change how can we judge whether or not they deserve a second chance back into society.

  • No second chance business

    I mean why should they be given second chance they will just abuse i.By committing the same mistake,take for example a poor girl was murdered but the person who murdered her will be given second chance but what about the girl she was not given second chance dont you guys think that is unfair.

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  • Second Chances= More Crime

    Giving prisoners a second chance just gives them the opportunity to commit even more crimes or if the prisoner was ratted on, then they could end up killing the person who did. It makes it so giving the police a heads up is just like you going on death row yourself

  • Why give them a wasted chance

    Most people in prison conform to the prison life and are unable to convert back into citizens abiding the law, so to escape back into their "haven" those convicts commit yet another crime to go back to prison, they wasted their second chance and were effectively able to hurt innocent people. Its ludicrous to think that these people who were convicted could actually become good again. There also is no argument that the person could be innocent from the start, since there are so few innocent people wrongly accused of crimes.

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Juris says2014-01-07T02:58:44.413
What does giving second chance exactly mean? Is it by forgiveness from the victims or is it by giving them pardon?