• Yes prisoners should

    Yes I think prisoners should have more rights because they deserve more rights prison should just become a rights ok because they will likely not be depressed ok and of course they will learn from their crimes that they did ok ok ok ok ok ok bye bye 👋 oka

  • Prisoners deserve rights just like us!

    Prisoners are still people of the united states and they deserve to be treated as a citizen. Even if they have done something wrong, Everyone makes mistakes. They just made a little bit of a bigger one. You have rights and when you make mistakes they are not taken away. That's why i believe that prisoners should have rights.

  • Criminal Justice is a racket.

    I can't speak for what it was "before," but I can say pretty confidently that today's criminal justice system is a racket.

    The Courts in my county maintain an astronomically high conviction rate. They're able to maintain this by keeping inmates, including first-time offenders, in detention for -- in many cases -- up to three years. This is before any trial or conviction. Meanwhile, they offer plea deals in hopes that these inmates will accept, which will release them from jail but ultimately absolve them of any civil recourse. I'm a victim of this fraud.

    While I was locked up, I was making the privately-owned facility several hundred dollars a day just by my presence there. It is an income generator. Period. In the very few cases where innocent men ride out their stay and win at trial (2%), the settlement money has already been doubled, tripled, probably even quadrupled by those who do not. The system we have now forces people to choose between their freedom and absolution. When there are husbands, wives, and children in the mix, very few opt to wait so long.

    The Courts here are able to keep people locked up for so long by ordering continuations, and they can do this without any recourse because, "there's no room." What I mean is that our District Court sees more than 1,300 cases per week on account of its size. Superior Court is similar. The County refuses to increase the number of courtrooms because it is generating more profit to have only two and one, respectively.

    Bonds are set completely arbitrarily and inmates have zero input with respect to their determination. Backgrounds, current careers, marital status...None of these things are considered when determining flight risk. This perpetuates the "long stay" phenomena in my county. It's repulsive.

  • There are many innocent people convicted daily

    Many innocent people are convicted daily and we can't tell the difference between innocent and guilty so why don't they just give them more rights so the Innocents can feel like they're werent convicted also because of we do than we wouldn't be different from the prisoners if we gave them no rights

  • Create a better environment

    If we give more rights to prisoners they won't have such a negative view of prison and learning from their mistakes. If the idea that changing oneself is a more positive process, then it may actually begin to become a more effective process, and the prisoners will understand why they are in prison.

  • Prisoners are still humans. Before jumping to conclusions, consider how would the prisoner's loved ones feel. I support this for wrongfully convicted individuals.

    Just because someone hates a prisoner, that doesn't mean all prisoners are "evil". Yes, prisoners have certain rights stripped from them, such as the right to privacy, but that doesn't mean they should have more rights, especially to prove their innocence. Every year, thousands of American citizens are sentenced to prison, some of which are wrongfully convicted individuals. Most people believe that prisoners were once citizens, but they didn't abide them, thus they should be given their punishment in prison. Although this is true, people have to look into reality about police, the law enforcement, and the court. Many are unaware of how much prosecutorial and police misconduct there are in the cases. If prisoners should not deserve any more rights than they already have, then is it right for police and prosecutors to continue with their misconduct, such us withholding vital evidence, incompetence of attorneys, and not a fair trial. Many people who disagree and claim that prisoners were citizens before, but didn't abide by them: Let me ask you this: If they WERE citizens prior to the conviction, they have the right to a fair trial, like any other citizen, right? What if you were that person, who didn't have a fair trial and end up in prison? Shouldn't you deserve more rights to prove your innocence? Prisoners should be given more rights to prove their innocence because many of them are wrongfully convicted individuals. They are still humans and citizens of this society and should be treated like such. While I do agree that prisoners deserve the basic rights, they should deserve more. Like people say, everyone deserve a second chance. If the second chance means to prove their innocence, then so be it.

  • They are citizens

    If we are telling our citizens to be nice, why are we treating criminals badly? We are being hypocrites and we shouldn't repay anyone evil for evil. In my opinion, I believe that prisoners should still have their rights since they are still humans like us, not animals. I don't think prisoners should be treated too nicely and should be treated normally. I think they should be treated nicely if they need help, are dealing with stress, or anything else like that. I think they should be treated a little bit badly if they misbehave or disobey the rules.

    I think that mentally ill people, psychopaths, and other people like them should seek treatment so they can receive the help they need. I don't believe they should be punished.

  • Of course they should.

    People make mistakes. Some people are in jail for petty crimes. Should we really force felons to give up their most basic right? No, we shouldn't. People change and the point of prison is for the criminal to serve their time. By the time they come out, the world will have slightly changed. But just because a felon did a crime, that doesn't mean that they aren't able to think clearly. Their crime has nothing to do with who the next president will be and they should be able to still contribute to society.

  • Should prisoner's be able to vote

    Its thee future when the come out of there prison . So yeah they should be able to vote . So we should do it. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • You betcha they should.

    Many inmates need structure and prison can give them that structure. Prison punishes them for their crimes, as well as give them they opportunity to educate themselves and learn skills they could use once they are released from prison. This will help them to get a job upon release. Thus, lowering the recidivism rate.

  • Giving them right is just plain dumb

    Prisoners should not have rights is because they did bad things. About 10% of the prisoners committed murder. They took away someone else's rights by killing them. Who knows what the victims might have gone through before being dead. If prisoners are treated well, They aren’t learning a lesson at all. For example, Let's say my daughter was pushing kids off the slide and the playground. It makes no sense that I would just tell her to calm down. Those poor little kids got hurt. If all those prisoners were my children, I would have given them the spanking of a lifetime.

  • They are bad

    I really don't like them, They desrve what they get and they are bad, At least 10percent took a human life, I wished they never exsisted and that they would never ever get out of jail, They suck and they shouldnt not evr get out of jail, They are bad

  • I hate prisoners

    I honestly think that prisoners have too much rights already. Thy are stupid people who deserves punishments and i see no problem with lack of food and guards beating them up. Make them work hard to earn their life. If they were innocent then there is an apology but mostly guilty.

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  • Why would they get more rights as the consiquense for breaking the law?

    First of all, rehabilitation is not a right. In most prisons, the people there are FORCED to go into rehab depending on what their in for. Second, what on earth type of punishment would consist of MORE rights then before they went to prison? The only ligit rights a locked up criminal should get is that of food, sleep, attorny and metical treatment if needed.

  • No, prisoners should not have more rights.

    Before a prisoner became a prisoner, he or she had all the same rights as other citizens. In breaking the law, a prisoner has performed actions showing that he or she cannot handle or abide by the rights they have. Therefore, it is not necessary to give prisoners more rights. They will receive more rights when they leave prison.

  • No, prisoners should have basic rights only.

    No, I don't think prisoners should have more rights. If someone is in prison, it is because they were convicted of a crime against society or their fellow man. Being in prison is their punishment. While they are in prison, until their sentence has been served, they need only basic rights: to be fed, clothed, medical attention, and the right to an attorney.

  • They lost them by committing the crimes

    Today in the United States, the majority of prisoners have more rights and privileges than most of the people who are living around the world in poverty. They have a place to sleep, food to eat, and enough recreation and mental stimulation. Some people around the world would prefer a prison to their current conditions because it at least means somewhere warm and something to eat.

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