• Prisoners should not have the right to receive health care.

    Prisoners should not have the rights to receive health care. As far as I am concerned law-abiding citizens have to pay for health care unlike prisoners. Obamacare is required for citizens to have. If we don't we get fined and not only that but some of us can barely afford any kind of care! Prisoners don't have to pay for a single thing. I don't think it is fair!

  • Yes, They should have rights to health care.

    They are not some ravage animals, They are humans that made wrong choices in the world, Yes we all have made wrong choices even all of us and the same goes to them, Hey should get an at least a basic health care to provide health treatment, If you are saying No then think before you speak.

  • By law you must

    Inmate have rights when it comes to mental health. Ruiz v. Estelle was a massive class action lawsuit against the Texas Department of Corrections in which a federal judge orders prisons to make wholesale organizational changes, The biggest one being mental health (Marquart, Crouch. 1985; Trestman, Young, Ford 2016). This lawsuit bought six changes to the mental health area of prisons. , Treatment that is more than mere seclusion or close supervision, Participation by trained mental health professionals, An accurate, Complete, And confidential record, Safeguards against psychotropic medications that are prescribed in dangerous amounts, Without adequate supervision, Or in an otherwise inappropriate manner, A suicide prevention program (Trestman, Young, Ford 2016). This meant that prisons world wide had to change these thing regardless of the crime, Or length sentence.

  • Indeed. Inmates should have rights to health care.

    I do feel as though they should have the right to health care. These inmates have made some pretty horrible choices in their life, and took a wrong turn down the wrong path. But, they are human too. Wouldn't we want the same rights if we were in prison? Jesus was the only one who never made mistakes and he fogive those who do. Yes, they should have medical and mental health services.

  • They are people too

    I did a research paper, originally against it, but after conducting lots of research, I could not believe the medical treatment that they receive. It is told they receive treatment, but one key word 'essential' is placed in there and commonly over looked. Convicts should receive better treatment, besides eventually most of them will be released, and theyre coming back to the community, so all the disease that they are exposed to and catch, can be exposed to you and your family.

  • Need some care

    I think prisoners should have health care because some might need special help. Just because someone is in prisoned doesn't mean they aren't a normal citizen. I just dont think they should get it for free... They should have to pay when they get out or you can have the option to get health care before you get in prisoned. Either way they should have to pay for it.

  • Yes they still need healthcare

    I think prisoners do need some health care access. If they need medical help they have the right to get it because they are still alive and in many cases will be back in society one day. To rob them of medical treatment is not the right thing to do.

  • Yes many get out one day

    Prisoners should have some health care rights. Many prisoners are in prison to serve out a sentence and then go back into the world. To deny health care for 10 years of prison sentence may ruin the rest of the prisoner's life once they get out. If they served their time this shouldn't be happening.

  • Prisoners Deserve Healthcare

    Without a doubt, prisoners in the United States deserve healthcare whenever they're suffering from a health problem. The taxpayers might have to fund this care, but we can't let our inmates rot away in jail with a life-threatening health condition. With that in mind, such care is usually provided in the prison system.

  • Yes, prisoners have rights to health care.

    Yes, prisoners have rights to health care. I think that prisoners should have rights to the most basic health care. Prisoners are not animals they are still humans and should be treated as such. It would be h=inhumane to deny a prisoner basic health care that could save their lives.

  • No! No! No!

    If they have murdered other humans, they deserve to endure the same excruciating pain they have caused.
    It's a waste of tax dollars, medical care.
    And lots of prisioners use hospitals to escape...Indangering the lives of innocent people.
    As far as coming back to society; with all the rape and diseases in there already, it's not likely they'll be disease free coming out anyways.

    What if your mother/father/child/loved one was dying in the er, but they were to busy 'saving' an inmate and you lost them?
    Do you really think they DESERVE good doctors good health good lufe after the things they have done?
    Hell no!

  • Limited health care

    I believe that they should have limited health care. They are people who are incarcerated but if they have a life sentence basic means could be given to them, not chemo or open heart surgery to extend their life sentence. I believe they should be allowed hospice services in the end.

  • Prisoners right should be withdrawn

    These people have broken the law that we all follow. They have decided that the law doesn't apply to them. That law includes the National Health Service Bill. Their punishment is that they loose their freedom and their rights. They are not entitled to the same rights as free people. It is insulting that a mother of four children under five that also works has to pay £90 for a dental checkup for her family when a murderer who took the right to live from their fellow man gets this for free. Are you serious? This is disgusting!!

  • No Freedom No Healthcare

    If you are in for a life term on rape, murder, pedophilia or hard crimes like that then all care should be denied and they should be suffering for the crimes they have committed,
    if it's something minimal like stealing because you could feed your kids then you should receive it because you have to come back to the world and I don't want diseases from there being spread

  • Prisoners should not have rights to health care.

    Prisoners should not have the right to health care. If they want to be treated, they should be billed for the costs. It is not right that the taxpayer must pay for criminals to receive medical treatment. Harsher conditions in prisons will deter people from commiting crimes in the future.

  • Only if they buy it.

    I don't want my taxes supporting prison scam. This "people" choose to kill, rob and rape. They don't care about rules, society or others. Why should they get a better healthcare than an average hard working and law abiding citizen. Only in USA prisoners get multi million $$$ cancer treatments while average American dies from not being able to afford that!!!

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