• YES they should

    Prisoners should have the right to vote because they are still a citizen of their country and should have the right to have a say in the voting
    and the voting will effect everyones lifes so if they don't have a say and don't get what they want something worse could happen to them jail is enough puishment for people and i don't think that anyone would want for someone to be effected even more yes they now have a bad name but doesn't anyone think they would probably have the brains to figure that they should stop

  • Yes they should.

    Yes, I believe that prisoners should have the right to exercise their beliefs. Not everyone who is in prison was convicted on a non-violent offense. There are many people who should be rehabilitated if they can be and should be able to make decisions regarding policies and politicians that may affect their lives.

  • Some prisoners would vote.

    I vote yes here, because most prisoners are actually decent people who didn't commit a violent crime. In fact, many are in there for things such as marijuana possession and robbery. Marijuana, as we've come to learn, isn't all that bad and many times robbery is done out of desperation. They should retain their right.

  • They are not qualified.

    No, prisoners should not keep their right to vote, because a person who has done something terrible enough to land them in prison has already shown that they lack the judgment necessary to vote. There would also be practical considerations, as most people do not have residency in the places where they are incarcerated.

  • The ability to vote should be a priviledge

    People are blessed to live in countries where they can be heard and the vote they cast can go toward change. So for a criminal or prisoner to vote for something of change or for someone is unethical. If there cared so much about making a difference then being put in prison does not represent that at all.

  • A prisoner should not have the right to vote.

    There's no reason prisoners should be allowed the right to vote. When you are in prison serving your sentence, you do not have the rights of a normal American citizen. And that includes the ability to vote. Once you've served your time and are free from parole, your right to vote should be restored.

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