• I think yes because prison sucks an not everyone in their are bad people

    Theyre not in they're for being good i know that but just because your in there doesn't mean you have to hate all of it all. That visit could be the only thing stopping someone from causing a riot, fight whatever. Im just saying luxories like that are desperately wanted by the inmates.

  • Conjugal visits help deter mounting frustration that could potentially be disruptive.

    Although conjugal visits seem like a luxury for prisoners, there is a valid argument for them. Criminals, in general, tend to be very frustrated, angry people. Being locked in a small cell all day only contributes to that frustration. Conjugal visits give prisoners an outlet that deters frustration from mounting. Thus, conjugal visits indirectly keep prison populations in check.

  • You are dirty people

    If a prisoner is given this right, they are given too much. Growing up with a mother who works with "bad" people, I have seen prisons. They have cable television, quality workout equipment, and three square meals a day. Prisons are no longer the dark places that we all think. Letting inmates see their families and have sex with their spouses will make prisons to "fluffy" and not deter criminals from their negative acts upon society.

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