• Yes they should focus moreon rehabilitation.

    If prisons were able to rehabilitate more prisoners then tax payers would be able to save thousands of dollars and inmates would be able to find jobs to help sub stain the local economy. It would be a good move for all states to aim for rehabilitation instead of longer prison sentences.

  • I believe that prisons should focus more on rehabilitation.

    I believe that prisons should focus more on rehabilitation. Many of the non-violent offenders in prison
    nowadays are incarcerated for drug offenses.
    A lot of these prisoners need rehab and drug counseling more than they
    need jail time. It just costs too much
    money to house all of these prisoners and move them through the criminal
    justice system.

  • Prisons should focus more on rehabilitation.

    Prisons should focus more on rehabilitation rather than punishing inmates. If prisoners ever do get out of prison, they should not be angry at society. They should have had training and treatment which can render them useful members of society. In this way, corrections facilities can decrease recidivism and lower prison populations.

  • Rehabilitation Should Be A Priority

    I believe we need to change a lot with criminal system and I believe the prisons is an important place that needs to be totally overhauled. People who are put in prison our often handed down a sentence that is far worse than just the time they spend in prison. Every time they apply for a job, they have to indicate they've been to prison. This doesn't help the few that come out prison who are rehabilitated and ready to interact with society. Within prisons we need to help these people change, if at all possible, rather then sending them down a road that will lead them to life long employment problems.

  • Prisons Need Rehab, Not Repeats

    Prisons should absolutely focus on rehabbing criminals simply because without such methods, the chances of a repeat offender increases dramatically. If criminals aren't ready to be put back into normal society, then what's the point of prison in the first place? The entire criminal justice system should be about rehabilitation of criminals except in cases where there is no possible way someone can become less violent.

  • Prisons should focus more on rehab.

    Prisons should focus more on rehab. When a person goes to prison, they have obviously done some thing very wrong, but it is not like they cannot be fixed. If prisons focused more on the rehab of the prisoners, there would be less repeat offenders in our already overcrowded jails, and that would be better for every one.

  • Yes, prisons should focus on rehabilitation more.

    The biggest problem in prisons, in my opinion, is the fact that imprisoning inmates does not solve the problem that got the inmate in prison in the first place. Crime rates for inmates that exit prison are extremely high, as they commit more crimes when released. Focusing on rehabilitation inside of prisons could potentially prevent this from happening and better prepare the inmate for life after prison.

  • Rehab doesn't work for those that arnt willing

    Jails are a meeting ground for criminals whom are just temporarily being held for their offence. They don't receive punishment. They acquire drugs, weapons and just run their criminal enterprise from within the walls. Small programs are already offered and they use that classroom time to pass contraband and information.. Rehab doesn't work when you don't want to change

  • Rehabilitation does not actually work

    Rehab only has a 5 to 10 percent success rate so theres no reason to implement it in prisons if it wont work also why rehabilitate prisoners that will be in jail the rest of their lives. So if they were rehabilitated they would have no way to show it.

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