• Rehabilitation should be used in prisons.

    Rehabilitation should be used in prisons because people in prisons are humans just as much as we are and that they still have a purpose in life. What if they have a family and their family doesn't know what has become of them. It's only right that they get a chance to live.

  • Yes prison should focus on making people better people

    Before i start i want to thank everyone including all judges for taking time to read this. Here are my main points: Prison should not be a place for prosecutors and people to seek revenge: All people deserve a chance to become better and do better in their lives, to contribute to society in a positive way: Prison should be a place to rehabilitate people not to condemn them to damnation in prison.

    Rehabilitation in facts does work what are we doing by sending a man to jail if we are going to help figure out what he did wrong, how could he have solved his problems better. Anything is possible and rehabilitating the mind is very possible all it takes is patience and time to actually figure out certain trigger points. We are wasting taxpayers money by not offering these services to them. If a certain individual is serving life in prison with no chance of parole what does this individual have to lose; he or she may have absolutely nothing to lose because their life is taken away from them and the only thing they have left to hope for is to live while they are stuck in a cell like a caged dog. The mind is a very powerful thing and by it being trapped theirs no way for it to improve itself. Also finally prison shouldnt be a place where people that have been affected by "criminals" as a form of revenge because after all they are people and no one is perfect. Lets face it if we were stuck in a predicament like that we wouldnt want anyone trying to throw us in jail for the rest of our natural lives.
    Point 2- All people deserve a chance to do better and what i mean specifically is to do better by themselves and do better by others as well. There are certain circumstances where it may not seem like people deserve a second chance but we all have the capability to change and improve ourselves. As human beings it is not our place to condemn a person to a physical damnation of their life with no opportunity to even try to improve themselves. Currently the criminal justice system isnt providing this type of improvement plan for these people stuck in this slave plantations they call "Correctional facilities".
    Point 3- As I said in my second contention it is not our place to condemn another human being to eternal condemnation in prison. I personally believe that it is Gods decision to determine someones "condemnation", "fate" "destiny". Even if you are not religious at all and I want to apologize in advanced if I offended anyone but it is simply a moral thing to realize. I also want to emphasize that the criminal justice system is doing a terribly bad job at performing what they call "correction facilities" because approximately 68% who were released from prison returned back to prison within 3 years of being released.

  • Yes, prisons should focuse on rehabilitation.

    Rehabilitation should be a key part of any prison. Prison is there to keep unsafe people off the street but it is not effective just to give them a short sentence then send them back out thinking the same thing they already did. They should be given proper help to move past their wrong doings.

  • No they should not

    Good morning Honorable judges, patient timekeepers, Mr. /Ms. Moderator, worthy opponents, interested onlookers and Ms. Sims. Be it resolved that (BIRT) prisons should focus on rehabilitation. My partner, Rachel, and I firmly believe that this resolution must fall. Here are my main three points: rehabilitation is more like a reward, rehabilitation is very expensive and, it doesn’t work

    Rehabilitation doesn’t work. What is the point of the criminal justice system if we don’t use it? That is, what’s the point of prison if we don’t use it? The point of the criminal justice system is to punish public offenders, not to reward them for committing crimes. Rehabilitation is a waste of time and money because rehab makes life easier. Why should criminals be treated with kindness and respect when the have just killed a person –hurting the person they killed, their family and their friends. Why should innocent people be hurt, and not the guilty people? Ok, so you might argue that, if they have a mental disease, then the crime would not be their fault. Well maybe their parents should go to prison for not taking proper care of them. Oh wait, I forgot that not all criminals have a mental disease, in fact,

    -Why should taxpayers pay for the rehabilitation of a person that has committed a crime? People abiding by the U.S. Laws should not be responsible for these people. If they want to go to rehab, people should choose if they want to or not. What is the point of jail if people go in knowing they will get it easy? During most rehabilitation programs and vocational classes, most inmates simply planned for their next crime. Of course some may take advantage of these things, but the percentage is extremely low. When a jury passes a judgment, and the judge hands out a sentence, the sentence is a punishment. I have no problem with rehabilitation, however let’s keep in mind the primary purpose for prison. It is to protect the citizens from criminals, and to punish those convicted of crimes. Rehabilitation should be a secondary concern.

    Also, most criminals are reported to have used their time in rehabilitation to plan their next crime or to plan their escape from prison.

    For these reasons I believe this resolution must fall. I now stand for cross- examination.

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