Should private agencies (yes) or governments (no) solve humanity's social inequalities?

  • Private agencies should be the ones to solve humanity's social inequalities

    Private agencies should be the ones to solve humanity's social inequalities.Private citizens usually have better control over what happens in a private agency and they are usually the ones that know what's best for the community so they would be the ones to best solve the social problems of the community.

  • Private has done more

    People are so quick today to ask for the government to correct certain problems, especially social issues, that people forget that social and economic inequality has come this far largely due to private interests. The inustrial revolution did more to empower people than monarchs did for thousands of years, that has not changed.

  • The Should Work Together

    I believe some of the current social inequalities we are seeing in the United States were brought on and worsened by corporations in America. These corporations have bought out government. For that reason I believe both the government and private agencies should seek to fix this problem and work on it together.

  • Governments should solve humanity's social inequalities.

    It is the role of the government to solve humanity's social inequalities. The government should take responsibility for social welfare programs such as health care and retirement pensions. Private enterprises are not equipped to provide services of this large a scale. Most governments are able to provide at least some of these services.

  • Governments should solve them.

    I think anyone who knows how should work towards solving the social inequalities, but government is going to be the leading factor. They need to recognize and understand the problem at hand and be willing to speak up and start doing things about it. We will need them to make the change.

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