Should private and public schools implement year-round school?

  • Yes, it instills more discipline in children.

    When looking at school districts that have implemented year-round school systems, the students have more discipline in learning. There is no large break in routines so that children lose any structure, as does the nine month at school/ three months off of school model has the potential to do. Children also would be less inclined to get into trouble when there are only a couple of weeks in between sessions.

  • Year-round schools are a more efficient use of the students' time.

    Prior to the introduction of year-round schools, these facilities generally closed during the hot summer months to reduce health risks on students. Modern facilities are able to keep students comfortable all year round, which makes them more cost-effective to stay in use 12 months a year. Plus, a year-round calendar allows for student to learn all year instead of taking the summer off.

  • No, extending school hours does not increase learning.

    Aside from the fact that public education is indoctrination to enforce a political agenda to attempt to replicate the exact same lifestyle in each and every citizen, we can look to another system for example. Finland. Less school hours, some of the greatest results in the world.

    You see, Finland emphasizes learning, not standardization, not testing, not competition. The most efficient use of a child's time is learning, play, and sleep. Although private education may sometimes offer these, public education provides absolutely none of these. It attempts to break the children, and it would be so much easier "if only we had more time to teach the children". But you know what? One of the most fundamental facts, a law of nature itself- children teach themselves. And each other. Just give them the resources and suggest a category to research. They will have the passion, assuming it is not forced.

  • No, children need real world experience to go along with time in school.

    Year-round school gives kids more time in the classroom, but it also burns them out and takes away from the time they have to apply their knowledge in the real world. School prepares children to be active members of society. If they don't have the opportunity to be out in their community during summer break, they don't get to see how the skills they are learning relate to every day life.

  • No, students need a lengthy break to recharge.

    No, private and public schools should not operate year-round because students and teachers need an extended break to recuperate. The summer break is a unique time for students, something most of them will not experience in adulthood. Students should be able to enjoy a long summer break where they have a respite from the work and stress of school. The summer break leaves students refreshed and ready to tackle a new school year.

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