• Yes, more competition could lead to lower prices.

    Yes, private companies should be able to provide utilities in order to encourage more reasonable pricing models. By increasing the number of utility providers that are available, it will encourage and promote competition. This could result in lower utility prices, and this move could ultimately benefit the average American consumer.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not support the privatization of utility services. I believe this is a dangerous suggestion because companies are solely concerned with their profit and not their customers. I believe utilities should be owned by the people, I do not think it is right for private companies to profit off of services that are required to live.

  • Only if we want to pay higher rates for poorer service.

    Private companies have taken over our toll roads, our prisons, and even our parking meters, and I have yet to see where they have done anything except raise rates for everyone. They have not provided better service, they are not any easier to contact when there are issues, and repairs are slow if they happen at all. I would be very much afraid to have a private company in charge of providing my utilities.

  • Private companies should not provide utilities.

    Utilities are essentially a monopolized market. The only reason the government allows private companies to provide utilities is that the government gets to regulate the costs associated with said utilities. This is intended to solve most of the problems associated with monopolies, but a few corruptable officials in the right place negate this government oversight.

  • No, I don't think a private company should provide utlities.

    I think a private company should not be under the obligation to provide anything, I think if the private company is a utility company then they should provide their service so they can make a profit off of it but in general I don't think private companies should provide utilities.

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