• Why should your education be based on YOUR FAMILIES INCOME!

    (Before reading my argument, note that i was privatly educated till i was 17 and i am now being educated at a state run college doing my A levels. I have personally seen how private education can influence their egos and attitudes [I am also dyslexic so please forgive my spellings and grammar, i wrote this in a rush] )

    Yes we have to support business in this country, but why should we let education be run in private hands. How is it fair that individuals can be subjected to better qualitly of education (not all the time the) on the fact that their parents earn more money! Education is a RIGHT! Your standard of education should not be judged on your parents income but your inteligence and what is best for you in your later life. Look at a school like Eton, most Prime ministers have been educated here, but not due to any suprime intelignece but judged on their families income! Possibly private education should be intergrated into state education so that if a individual is acdemic enough to go to a school like Eton, a goverment grant scheem should be used maybe. However the workings of private education is fundementally wrong. You are not chosen for a job by your income or discredited at uniiversty for your background and families and income, and universties are not compulsory but everyone has a RIGHT to further education. So why should your primary and secondary education be judged on income which leads right back down to class divides. This is ultamalty a faulty system. I agree with the conscept that you have the right to pay for your education if you choose to, but this descison is made by the parents of individual children. Most individuals cannot go to private schools because they were not BORN INTO A RICH FAMILY. Doesn't that show something? That the system is backwards.

    Education is a RIGHT! Each citizen of Britain has the right to be educated equally, why should inherited income (as-such) be a depending factor ON YOUR FUTURE AND YOUR EDUCATION.

    [note parents may argue that it is their right to choose where their children are educated, but this right is based on income or saved up inherited capital... Not all chlidren can choose between state education and private education because they were not born into a well off family


  • Ban private K-12 education.

    For years we have sent a message that the "schools are failing" and responsible parents should pull their children out or else. Unfortunately, this has been a self fulfilling prophecy. What effects a school's performance the most is the extent to which the community is involved with the school. The more parents disengage the more of a self fulfilling prophecy this becomes. When those with means began pulling their children out of the public education system all that was left in the system were those who could not afford to do so. As a result, parents who did not have the time (or in some cases the interest) to be engaged in the education of their children, let alone those of their neighbors, allowed the school system to turn into chaos.

    This is, sadly, an unintended consequence of school integration. The hope of the Civil Rights movement was integrated schools would result in children having equal access to America's then second to none education system. Instead, what did the rich white parents do? They did not want their children to be on equal terms with African American children and pulled their children out. The result was that it sent a message to the rich white kids that public schools weren't for them, that they were somehow better than the poor, often minority students. The message was that public education was for those who couldn't afford better. By extension this message has sadly found its way into other parts of our society. Furthermore, the message that private is superior to public has made it acceptable to treat students in public education like they are prisoners; that children are sub-human and in need of harsh discipline to stay on the straight and narrow. The result is that we are training our public school students for something - prison.

    So how do you fix it? Force the upper class back into the system. That way rich parents will actually feel like they have something at stake in the public education system. Furthermore, it will help break down racial and cultural barriers that result in the achievement gap as white children will be forced to interact with their peers of color. Public schools won't simply be places where kids are babysat for eight hours a day, rather they will be places where the community puts pressure on students and teachers to learn.

    Until we take this radical step of banning private k-12 our schools will be little more than a pipeline to our prison system.

  • Private tution.!! What for ?

    I am just a little boy from sri lanka , in grade 5. I came to DEBATE.ORG to get some points for my debate at school called (private rution should be banned) I AGREE WITH IT!!!!

    Here is my idea. For example lets take a class of students who have a equal amount of knowledge. Allof a sudden he is going to tution classes. And he is getting more knowledge than the others. There freindship will break because the others will be jealous of him. And he will show off his knowlege. It will be unfair for others. SO LETS STOP PRIVATE TUTION! !!!!!🗽👑

  • Education is a right

    Just because I am born into a richer family than another person does not mean I have the right to a better education. If private education was abolished state schools would improve meaning everyone has a similar, and most importantly; fair education. If everyone was put through an identically fair education system, the whole country would be a fairer place to be, with equal opportunity.

  • Ban private education, tailor public education

    I'm all for non intervention on part of the government in most areas, but education is different. The quality of education a student receives should reflect their work ethic, talent and intelligence; not their parent's wealth. I'm not trying to pretend that all students are equal, students should receive trailered education depending on how much potential they have displayed in certain subjects (divide students into high potential medium potential and low potential as early as possible). That way every student has received the same opportunity to begin with, it's realistic and it's fair. Plus it would encourage the wealthy to invest in everyone's education and not just their own children's education.

  • It should be abolished!!!!!!!!

    It should be abolished as everybody deserves the same amount of help and education. Just cause a child has come from a rich family does not mean he can go to a school with fees for better education and a better chance in life. Universities also look at what schools you went to and normally they would choose the better school. If education was equal, that would not exist.

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  • Education must be provided to everyone to level the playing field.


    What if we decide to ban Private Education in South Africa.
    What do YOU think would happen ?

    It's time to level the playing fields. Be honest because parents can afford and in many cases struggle and sacrifice to do so is it fair that children suffer because their parents cannot.

    If we believe that before God all are born with the same brain potential, shouldn't we as society recognize that potential and ensure opportunity is given equally to all Children in terms of their EDUCATION.

    I've witnessed Students from the biggest township in India achieve remarkable results because they were given the opportunity.

    I challenge all South Africans search your consciousness isn't time we grab this EDUCATION crisis by the horns and get involved as a Nation. I promise you if you leave it to the bodies which are handling it now it will not come right.

    As Parents and Society we cannot delegate this responsibility to Government. If you have your Children in a private institution of learning you have already agreed with me.

    So please don't say like give me your input please. AND
    Share this post please. Also refer to the Warren Buffet view on education on my page please.

    David Crawford. Director General World Council for Total Quality and Excellence in Education.

  • Education belongs to the people, plain and simple.

    Education, in my opinion, should be available for every individual and payed for by the public as a whole (taxes), because every individual has a right to earn at least a basic education. Every person deserves an education so that the principle of equality of opportunity is maintained and so that every individual, regardless of income, is on a level playing field with his/her peers. Giving education to private companies is a terrible idea. Private companies are motivated by profit, and education is an aspect of society that should be kept away from the realm of profits. Education should be unbiased and truth seeking, and this is best done when it is kept in the hands of the Public. Private education is also allowed to teach non factual information such as religious teachings and other teachings which do not belong in school. Education belongs to the people, not the the corporations. Imagine a school owned by companies...They would be more concerned with training students to become job slaves rather than getting a real well rounded education. Yes, that is what will happen if those super conservative - "lets privatize every school" people got their way. Boo to those guys.

  • Private education increases the gap between the rich and the poor.

    Regardless of scholarships and bursaries, private schools can and do exist because the majority of people attending pay thousands of pounds a term. This is impossible for families of lower income, so naturally the majority of people who get the privileges of private school, e.G. Better facilities, smaller class sizes, more opportunities, more qualified teachers, are already from a more affluent family. These children have an increased chance of fulfilling their potential in the world of work due to their school life, and therefore take the better jobs, leaving the less fortunate to the lower paid jobs. And it goes full circle, slowly separating the classes and cultures of our society. And this is obviously completely unfair- why should one child be given a hugely greater head start over another simply because of the family he was born into? It just sounds like cheating to me.

  • What we deserve

    My parents both went to state schools and worked extremely hard in order to provide us with the education which was best suited to us. They make sacrifices in other areas for my education to be better. Life is unfair as we are not communist, where do we stop? Should we ban private healthcare, private dentistry? To ban private schools is like to stab someone in the eye to give them just as much chance as the visually impaired!

    It is not unfair, people have EARNED their money to send their children to private schools, they chose to spent it on education and make cuts in other areas. Only 7% of the population are in private schools, thats a very small amount. There will always be a better school, a better teacher, a better student. Students in Private school have parents who push them, teachers who push them, and they push themselves. They deserve the grades they get, if you were to go to private school and still not turn up for the exam- you don't get the grade!

  • NO!

    No, private education should not be banned. It is a far better educational opportunity than public school.

    As a product of the public school system, I can tell you that I learned very little from school and spend most of the time repeating information that had been taught in previous years. There was no point to my public school education and I often think I was short changed.

    If parents want to put their child through private school, that choice should be open to them because they are only trying to help their child get ahead in the world.

  • The most common reason for entering into private education is religion. Public schools would need to provide religious education if private schools are banned.

    Not every child will fit into the public school mold. Nor will every family have their needs met by public schools. Private schools allow our students and families important choices including good religious education, the option of single sex education and boarding if it is needed. Often kids who struggle to learn in public schools can excel in private schools.

  • No we should not ban private education!

    As we know, students in a class varied intelligent and background knowledge. It means that some cannot be able to catch their friends up or fully understand a hard lesson. Therefore, they need an private class in home to do that. They will become better if they spend more time studying and they have the right to do that.
    Moreover, as we know, a genius will get bored if they waste time to be in a foolish class. So do homeschooling with a good advisor, he will develop strongly

  • No, there is no reason to ban private education.

    People need to have the freedom to educate their children in a manner that they approve of. This includes homeschooling, as well as private schools. While there needs to be some certain level of oversight as far as standardized testing, people should still have the right to educate their children as they see fit.

  • It would be illegal to ban private schools because like it or not private schools are not owned by the government they are businesses.

    It would be illegal to ban private schools because like it or not private schools are not owned by the government they are businesses. Under the law the government can impose restrictions on private schools but they CANNOT BAN THEM as they are a private business. Second of all it would go against the human rights act as it is the parents right to pay for their child to go into private education. If the government imposed a ban it would be classed as an illegal law as it comes close to dictatorship in the eyes of the court. Go on reply go. The idiots on here who say to ban them should look up business law and the fact that if they are privately owned the government cannot touch them as they are owned by the private sector. I know this as I am studying law for my business. Also check up on the human rights act.

  • We live in the United States

    Where parents are free to choose the education for their children, not some socialist gulag where government is worshipped as god (incidentally the ability to instill religious values is a drivin force for private school admissions). If quality of public schools are lacking then perhaps they should be the ones facing the axe, not the other way around; instead of survival of the fittest schools the socialists wish to promote survival of the government sanctioned schools.

  • Private education is good

    I do not think that private education should be banned at all. Private education is mostly good. It is important for people to educate in the ways that they wish to be educated or have their kids educated. That is freedom. If private education was banned then all would be left is public and it would be very socialistic.

  • Private schooling improves the quality of public schools

    Getting a way from the fact that the main agument against this is it not been fair, private schooling saves the goverment an estimated £3 billion per year. To abolish them would either increase taxes, decreasing living standards for those who can't afford private schooling or spread the money spent on schooling thin, decreasing overall teaching standards.

    Screwing over the lower class and decreasing overall education standards for the sake of simply "been fair" isnt really a good enough argument for their abolishen.

  • As a private school student.....

    Having been educated privately in London, most of the time in Male Only schools, I cannot provide an unbiased approach. However I can offer my insight into the system and the atmosphere it creates.

    I cannot deny this education has included me in a type of bubble if you will, common to all social groups and perhaps this can lead to greater social immobility in later life. However, my education has fundamentally equipped me with the skills to act as a more considerate individual capable of making informed decisions. Although I am not saying this is not possible in a state school, I feel the greater access to resources, support and facilities has made me both more involved and confident as a person. I truly believe my Private Schooling was one of the greatest investments my parents could have made. High levels of human capital in the form of education has greater benefits for society and the government by encouraging innovation, creativity and high income earners. Any attempt to reduce this would not be in society's interest. This argument is similar to private healthcare when issues of equity are raised; why would you try to stop an person achieving the greatest level of happiness and utility possible when it does not effect you in any way? (e.g. economically).

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