Should Private Schools Allow Unnaturally Colored Hair?

Asked by: halliethepanda
  • How is it distracting?

    I dyes my hair in the summer and when I went back to school they told me I had to dye it back. I have dark hair and I had subtle purple highlights, How is that “distracting” to anybody. Idk, I was extremely disappointed and it definitely shouldn’t be banned.

  • Cause why not?

    Most people consider dyed hair as a distraction and a way for teens to rebel and express bad behavior, but its just a way to express who you really are on the outside and to show the world your true colors, and it really shouldn't be banned since the education of others and how bad another students do in school isn't your fault its the other students responsibility to make sure they focus and do well in school.

  • It. Wont. Kill. ANYONE.

    Hair dye helps express your personality better and its really not a distraction. People think its a big deal for a day, then they just move on like its a natural thing. I dyed my head teal and it costed $200. I had to dye it back or else I was suspended for the rest of the year. I was so upset.. It looks really cool and I dont really see a problem with it.

  • Hair is a physical attribute

    The idea that hair color should be banned is so stupid that I can't comprehend why it would even be a rule in the first place? It does not make sense or have anything to do with the student. Private schools should teach its kids better. It does not distract students either, as proved in multiple studies


    I believe we should be allowed to dye our hair as wearing uniform already gives us little ways to express our selves. And don't you dare bring that "they choose private school they have to follow the rules." crap on me. Most of the time THEY DONT CHOOSE THE SCHOOL. Its the parents who choose it. Kids should be allowed to express themselves in non-harmful ways and this is not hurting anyone

  • Yes, every school should

    I think that all schools shoulld allow this becasuse it could be expressing ones self plus its our hair and our life and our body so why should we not... What is so wrong with unnatral hair color we are dying our hair because we like it or think its cool not to distract people

  • Students need to have a sense of themselves.

    I currently attend a private school that does not allow both natural and unnatural hair dyeing. I find that most of the arguements that the staff members give remain the same; "It's distracting", and " it's not within the uniform". However, I observe that most people who dye their hair aren't hoping for attention or to feel rebellious. They simply think it's a pretty color or they think it would be fun.

  • I mean... DUH

    Srsly why not . Its so dumb that we are told to express ourselves an be creative but then arnt allowed to freakin colour our hair differently. The logic at school is so questionable. I mean just check out the 96 % of people saying yes to this argument .

  • Dyed hair tips only

    A full dyed head looks weird and tips look nice. Tips are very minimal and can express your style without making it look weird. Ya at aua aua aua so a is aua I aua sí aua is sí aua au aua sí aua aua aua au aua a Aja

  • Hair dye should be allowed

    I am in high school and I had my hair pink , red , purple , blue from different holiday events from the five years I've been hear and I was allowed rose gold as my hair is blond but not the rest as it was to distracting for others around me cause of colour but every class room has bright colours with in them also were not aloud skinny jeans as it could turn people on yet in collage they love different colours cause it allows people to express themselves and so does most work places including tattoos if there wasn't a high rate in wanting hair dye then hair dressers and shops and companies that are to do with hair dye wouldn't be popular and a school near me deniable high allows it and it hasn't effected anyone

  • If you choose to attend a private school...

    ....You must abide by the school's rules. "Their body, their choice." That's so annoying, it's almost cliche. Yea, it's your choice, but that doesn't mean there won't be consequences to your actions when you're attending a private school that can make the dress code policies as it sees fit. If you don't like it, don't attend the school.

  • They shouldn't allow hair dyes in school

    It doesn't make them look professional for their future. Many careers expect professional looking people to work. In schools they prepare their students for the future and in many cases, jobs or at least be successful. They should enforce these rules to prevent failure in many students lives. #NO DYE

  • Unusually colored hairstyles can be very distracting

    Tons of hairstyles are extremely distracting. Whether they are highlights, tips, or even dying your whole head. Private schools don't allow unnatural hair colors because studies show that kids focus on their work better if everyone has a natural hair color or wears a school uniform. Once one student does it everyone else will want to do it and then do it themselves. Dying your hair unusual colors can change students students topic on thinking and change their topic on conversation.

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