Should private schools be removed and have public schools give the same level of education?

Asked by: LordDeathera
  • It's not fair on less well off people

    It's not fair that the children of parents who don't have a lot of money shouldn't get the same level of education as students who have money coming out of their asses. Education is very important, and a good level of education should be available to everyone, without basically bribing teachers to give you better education.

    Good education is something all children should have access to, and restricting it to people who have lots of money is ridiculous. This is supposed to be age of equality, so why are people who are rolling money allowed to have great education, whereas people who aren't quite as lucky don't get to have that kind of education? It's not fair on the children who need a good education to do really well in life,

  • Everyone in the world, wealthy or not, should have the right to good education

    Education is very important, and a good level of education should be available to everyone because only good educated people will be able to face the most important issues in order to contribute to the evolution of the society. It doesn't make any logical sense to make education a privilege of a few wealthy people and give them access to information and kwnoledge, whereas others have not such privilege and aren't able to think for themselves, and thus can not contribute to the progress of the their community.

  • Denying Education to the Poor

    Isn't that what it does? It keeps the rich smarter than the poor. If I'm poor, do I deserve less of an education because of it? How can we expect true equality when we have a group getting better education over money? Education is a right, and private education is a form of discrimination and a violation of my rights

  • No, no no

    Taking out private schools will leave our children education at the mercy of bureaucrats bent on indoctrinating them with liberal stupidity. The government should guarantee a basic education, but if someone decides to trust a private school as opposed to a public one he should be able to do that.

  • A Free Country

    Parents have the right to send their children though a religious or specialized education. In many areas public education is terrible because of the students that attend it. Parents don't want their kids safety to be infringed upon. Private schools are private businesses that cost money for the parents. If we were to abolishing those businesses we would be abolishing capitalism. Also note that public schools receive a ton of funding from taxpayer's dollars and it is the students fault they do so terribly in poor areas.

  • No, then black people could attend all schools

    The reason we have private schools exist is to provide a better education to those who can afford it. A more important reason is so that dirt poor monkeys (black people, they are equivalent) cannot ruin every school in the nation. An education is so valuable (as I have over 24 years of education, beginning from kindergarten), that it would be a shame for those blacks to ruin it for others.

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