• It is a rather stupid question/poll to debate

    Athletes are payed in the private sector so they will be payed according to what they can bring in. Suggesting they shouldn't is just saying that the owners etc should hold more of that money. Do I think some of the athletes are payed too much in that context sure some of them are in my opinion, however it is likely they are bringing in even more for the owners to justify it. I mean should YOU be payed more then any of the military service members? Is your job somehow not deserving of your pay due to not being military?

    Saying Military Service members is rather misleading as well in my opinion as the salaries are going to fluctuate a great deal. I support the military and appreciate their service a great deal. So much so that serving was my goal, however before getting the chance I had a car accident causing me to be unable to serve in any capacity let alone the capacity I had planned. Yet I still think it is crazy to suggest that the military be payed like athletes in the private sector.

    The private sector as I stated tends to pay based on what they are bringing in revenue wise. So they are getting a portion of the revenue that they themselves are responsible for generating . Being that one is private sector and the other is not in and of itself is why I find this comparison rather dumb and I feel it most likely is a bait question to get most to feel obligated to say that the athletes should not be being payed more then military service members. I mean should pro athletes be payed more then police officers, fire fighters, etc etc? I am sure some also think they should not be, but the amount would suddenly be far different then it is currently. Now that we are on this slope should be go further and ask should any police,fire fighters, garbage people, or any other profession such as those or any job period be payed more then military service members? I am sure the answer from most would suddenly be a "no","it depends", or even a "dunno" not to say that is how all would answer but I feel most probably would.

    I definitely believe some members in service to the military should be payed more. I also believe combat pay should be increased, however abuse of it by certain members should be curtailed such as requiring more then just one day of "being in one" which doesn't require one to be "in" combat or even in the area for the whole entire day. SO yes more pay for it but curtail any possible abuse of it of which i'm sure mainly would be done by those members who are higher up the chain and received more money to begin with. I agree on a higher wage though I not think it would warrant millions a year.

  • From a financial standpoint athletes are more valuable.

    This is an apples and oranges argument IMHO. Athletes rake in billions. The defense industry rakes in trillions but with international financial flows who knows where this money ends up. The athletes have the right to share in this revenue. The soldier also should share in this way but he doesn't. The non-combatants keep the money, and the soldiers are left holding the bags. Thus a soldier should never measure his value monetarily, as should many needed professions. By the way as a disabled veteran, I'm convinced that the ruling elite view the military as "tools", cannon fodder. So why should you pay a lot too, or care anything about someone you have such disdain for?

  • Yes, I think pro athlete pay should be more then our military service members.

    Pro athletes generate billions of dollars in advertising revenues because of the large amount of people that follow them, I think that the pro athlete should be able to collect a portion of that revenue, a military service member is paid very fairly compared to the average salary in the United States.

  • Swap the wages of pro athletes with the military.

    An average NFL quarterback makes as much money ($2400000) in one game as a military personnel makes in 25 years!! This IS income inequality. This is ridiculous and it must be fixed.
    Athletes just play children's things that we call sports that has no benefit to society. Military protects the entire United States and everything in it. Athletes risk broken bones at worst and missed games for months. Military risk even DEATH and still fighting for the next 12 hours. Athletes work hard too, but military work even harder, 24/7 with NO SLEEP and even sometimes NO FOOD.
    What sickens me further is in 2017, athletes in the NFL and MLB effing KNEEL to the effing NATIONAL ANTHEM, which disrespects the flag and the millions of soldiers who protect all its borders. President Trump then calls to boycott the NFL because of this disgusting action as well as those athletes' ridiculous pay, which Trump calls it as greedy and unfair. We should all boycott the NFL and all pro sports leagues. After all, we are contributing those athletes money. We are living in a hedonistic society and this must be fixed. Athletes should be paid $100000 a year max.

    MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, NASCAR etc. can EABOD and DIAF.

  • Soldiers deserve more

    The military goes out, and risk being shot. Most come from poor families and can’t afford to support their families. While an athlete risk a sprained ankle or wrist to get paid more than our soldiers. Being in the military is more than a duty it's a way of life. What would happen if we lost some athletes? The world wouldn't be over, but if we lose soldiers we will not have our freedom we have now or we can even have our land taken over.

  • Why why why

    Why do you need to keep people online so that people like people like people like people like people will keep you awake so you can people so that people like you will keep people awake so that the people like you will stop doing this work so that people

  • They should not

    They deserve more than what they get paid for protecting our governments and our safety. Athletes work hard and risk a broken ankle or a sprained wrist and that about it. On the other hand you have army members that work hard and risk death or being severely wounded get paid thousands less than these athletes

  • Athletes do not protect us.

    Its ignorant to even believe that athletes deserve a cent more than the military. Military deserves so much more than athletes get. Athletes go out on the field/court with regard of what could happen. Military sadly does not have the same feel of the situation. Have some respect for the men & women who protect us.

  • No they should not be paid more

    Military personal risk there lives every day for our freedom. Athletes protect a ball. Military personal have to risk there lives everyday to protect the athletes that play the sports. A football player calls him self a soldier just for tackling someone. Military personal should be paid more than pro athletes.

  • No, Not Really

    Pro athletes go out on a pre-determined field and play a game with a pre-determined team. There is some hostility and the job does come with the risk of injury. Military service members join the military in one of two ways and are sent out to fight and often put their lives on the line.

    Obviously, we have an instance where pay is too low for military personnel and too high for pro athletes, but there's not any real way to fix these problems. We could debate until we turn blue in the face. We can't pay all the military personnel millions of dollars and we can't make the leagues pay less.

  • No, it should not.

    The fact that baseball players sign contracts for over 200 million dollars on a regular basis and out military members many times wind up homeless completely sickens and disgusts me beyond belief. Our military members should be paid at least equal to professional athletes, but in reality it should be much more.

  • The military protects and defends, so they should always get more.

    Pro athlete pay should not be more than what our military service members get. It is a shame that this is usually the case. Pro athletes are basically entertainers while service members provide much more use to the country. They actually protect and defend us. Athletes at most provide us with examples of fitness.

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